YiLu Release Notes
V1.2.5.10 (09/03/2023)
1. Add Mobile Proxies; 2. Add Dedicated Residential Proxies. mobile proxies screenshot For more please download our new version: https://yilu.us/download        

V1.2.3.18 (20/01/2023)
  1. Add the Price Display for each proxy type;
  2. Add the City Targeting Display in Shared Static Server IP.

V1.2.3.16 (09/01/2023)
  • When ordering a static IP, the PING value will be showed. (The IP number between 80 and 200 is preferred for their stability.)
  • Added "exclusive static residential IP": $14.5/month (Now IP from United States is added only, and other countries' IP will be added later);
  • In the port forwarding list, you can "restore the selected forwarding" and "release the selected forwarding";
  • Add the zip code search function (dynamic residential IP/dynamic server IP).

V1.2.3.15 (30/12/2022)

1. Adds country search function in Static IP Part.

2. Adds some IPs in following countries, including Germany, Italy, France.

V1.2.3.10 (28/11/2022)

Optimize the accuracy of IP information in dynamic IP detection exporting.

Download the Lastest Version

V1.2.3.9 (20/10/2022)

The port forwarding list adds the [Restore last forwarding] function, which restores the last configured port forwarding information with one click, so that it does not need to be reconfigured even after restarting the Yilu Proxy client.

V1.2.3.7 (16/09/2022)

Fix the issues as follow:

  1. The port forwarding list might disappear after port forwarding;
  2. The purchased private static IP is still in the purchase list, and it is easy to cause repeated purchases.
  3. Favorites increase the function that user can customize the note.
  4. Private static IP increases the display of the last use time.

V1.2.3.4 (25/08/2022)

Fix the issue that the same port number appears repeatedly when configuring multi-port forwarding for dynamic proxy IP.

V1.2.3.1 (05/08/2022)

Optimize Shared / Private Static IP Pool to be more stable and fast.

V1.2.2.2 (12/07/2022)

Has added the email verification function for new users.

V1.2.2.1 Version (10/06/2022)

Has added multi-port forwarding function for rotating residential IP, as port forwarding on static IP. When we use multi-port forwarding for rotating residential ip, Yilu proxy software needs to be running normally.

Port Forwarding For Rotating IP

V1.2.1.6 (19/05/2022)

To obtain the IP easily, Yilu have added QR Code of rotating residential IP for scanned by mobile phone software, such as ShadowRocket.

QR Code for scanning

V1.2.1.5 (01/04/2022)

Balance recharge added the virtual currency USDT TRC20 payment channel.