what is a mobile proxy

What is a Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy serves as an intermediary server that takes your connection requests and sends them to a target website, returning public data to you. The IP addresses of mobile proxies come from real mobile devices that are connected to any mobile carrier, such as Comcast, T-Mobile, or Sprint, and operate on mobile networks, which contains 3G, 4G, 5G mobile networks. By using a mobile proxy, your internet connection appears as if it is coming from a mobile data network, hiding your actual IP address. Like residential proxies, mobile proxies use gateway software to assign a specific type of IP to a device, which belongs to a mobile data network. Since mobile IPs are assigned by the mobile network carrier, they have access to thousands and tens of thousands of IP addresses associated with that carrier. However, a key aspect of mobile proxies is that the IPs they assign are not unique, which can be advantageous for anyone seeking to conceal their online intentions.

Multiple Use Cases

With Yilu's 4G/5G Mobile Proxy, you get a complete feature suite that includes ISP targeting, sticky IP, geo-location spoofing, and a proxy profile manager. These features can greatly increase your online success.
Multiple Use Cases
SMM and E-commerce

SMM and E-commerce

Automate and manage multiple social media accounts or e-commerce to increase your social media following by promoting various activities. Scheduling campaigns like Stories in bulk can be an effective way to grow your following on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Shopee, Tinder; Amazon, eBay, and more.By using our automated tools and management system, you can easily manage your accounts across multiple social media and e-commerce platforms, saving time and effort. Our tools not only automate content publishing but also provide analysis and tracking so you can better understand your audience and their interests. Learn more:

Ads Management and Automation

We have beyond the restriction on network requests for any type of proxy IP. You can access the entire residential proxy IP pool through unlimited connection requests, and use the network search and collection tool toconcurrently connect to capture multiple data sources at once. Learn more about data collection. Yilu Proxy can help you accurately target audiences based on multiple dimensions such as platforms, devices, browsers, and languages, so as to achieve more accurate advertising, quickly create and publish ads, automatically optimize and adjust according to your budget. Provide detailed data analysis to help you understand advertising performance and audience feedback, and perform real-time optimization and improvement.
Ads Management and Automation
Every Plan Includes
Global Coverage

Mobile 4G/5G proxies in Yilu Proxy Offers 200+ Countries with 50M+ huge IP pool.

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions

Without any traffic restrictions, it can handle tens of thousands of IPs at the same time

99.99% of nodes are guaranteed to be up and running

Continuous access with YiLu rotation technology

Professional customer support

Get 1-on-1 live customer support via Telegram live chat

Yilu Proxy Exclusive Client

Easily manage your proxies and quickly find country, city, ZIP filtered IPs

Fully Compatible

Fully compatible with mobile APP, such as Shadowrocket, V2rayNG, and other APPs.

Mobile Proxy Network

Why Choose YiLu Mobile Proxy IP

You can easily buy Mobile Proxy from Yilu for personal or business purposes. If you have high requirements on IP purity and anonymity, and want to simulate real requests and make them indistinguishable, rotating residential proxy IP is the best choice. You can choose a residential IP to disguise your web address as almost in any country in the world, and you can easily view the complete list of residential private proxy information and select the appropriate geographic location.

Why Mobile Proxies Are So Popular

100% anonymity - You can significantly reduce the possibility of being blocked or banned by using whitelist IP addresses provided by genuine native Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and supporting both Socks5 and HTTP proxy protocols. This will enable you to maintain complete anonymity while simulating the natural behavior of Internet users, thus ensuring that your actions are not identified as robotic.
Global coverage - Our service offers genuine Mobile 4G/5G proxy nodes sourced from network providers, cities, regions, or countries worldwide with 50M+ IP Pool. Our proxy nodes provide the most precise GEO geographic location information available at the city level. This feature ensures that you can enjoy unrestricted access to most websites and online services worldwide.
Free from limits - Our service offers a big pool of 50M+ Mobile proxy IP addresses, boasting more than 50 million IPs that you can access without any limitations right from the start. This feature ensures that you are no longer restricted by geographical location or IP number while conducting various business activities on the internet, thereby avoiding the risks of account bans and verification code troubles. Additionally, our proxy IP pool is easily integrated with most software or programs in the market, making it simple to use.

Mobile Proxy Coverage Areas and Number of IPs

200+ Countries Coverage

USA Proxy
8075351 IPs
Japan Proxy
156534 IPs
Indian Proxy
4982463 IPs
UK Proxy
3627259 IPs
Singapore Proxy
124920 IPs
Spanish Proxy
2385532 IPs
824726 IPs
Korea Proxy
1047582 IPs
Germany Proxy
1580195 IPs
Vietnam Proxy
4123 IPs
Hong Kong Proxy
120187 IPs

YiLuProxy pricing plans

Pricing Plans

Dynamic Residential IP
country targeting

  • 200+ Countries IPs
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests
Mobile Proxy

  • 200+ Countries IPs
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests
Dynamic Residential IP
city targeting

  • 200+ Countries IPs
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests

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