Dedicated Residential Proxies
what is a residential proxy

What is a Residential Proxy?

The residential proxy network is a proxy network composed of a global residential proxy IP pool, which contains real IP addresses provided by Internet service providers (ISPs) not data centers. These proxy IP addresses are attached to a country/city-level physical location around the world. Residential proxies are intermediary servers between you and the websites you visit. For any website, using our residential proxy IP traffic can ensure that you appear to be A request from ordinary users living in various regions of the world, freeing you from network restrictions. Since when you use a residential proxy IP to access the network or send network requests, they are routed through the residential IP address and then reach the website, so they are considered to be requests from real home users and will not be suspected of being sent through a proxy. So when you use these residential IP addresses to connect to physical locations at the country or city level around the world, you will really be identified as coming from all over the world, making it easy to access from specific locations with geographical restrictions content.

What are Dedicated Residential Proxies?

A dedicated residential proxy is a set of IP addresses through which you route traffic and which is yours for a specific period of time or permanently. If your data collection tasks are relatively simple, and you're targeting simple sites, your best bet is to use a shared network. It’s also a more cost-effective option in the sharing economy. But if you're targeting a more restrictive site, and you have a larger budget with very specific data collection needs, then a dedicated subnet with a residential IP would be a better choice. These proxies tend to be more feasible because there are no other concurrent activities associated with them. Compared with rotating residential proxies that change each minute, Yilu dedicated residential proxies can maintain 30 minutes to 24 hours in terms of IP validity, covering 200+ global countries with 50M+ dedicated IP Pool. So their advantages show in this respect - when you have exclusive access, you know the target site will not have any bias against your request, so you are more likely to get a faster and more accurate response from the site.
Dedicated Residential Proxies
Unblock Restrictions

Unblock Restrictions

Our services can help you easily bypass country restrictions and website blocking, and remove operational restrictions on your data acquisition. You no longer need to worry about being caught by certain website or country restrictions. Yilu’s unblock feature from dedicated residential proxies, which covers global 50M IPs, can helps you easily access websites and content from around the world without worrying about any geo-restrictions. You no longer need to worry about IP address restrictions, you can freely access the websites and content you want, and get the data you need anytime, anywhere. Also, our technology can provide you with efficient data access solutions quickly and securely, ensuring that your data acquisition operations are no longer subject to any restrictions. Whether at work or in daily life, our services can provide you with the most convenient and efficient data unlocking solutions. Learn more:

Monitor Reviews

Monitoring and responding to customer reviews can have a positive impact on search engine rankings and online reputation as it increases content and engagement on your site, increasing user engagement and sharing. This active engagement and sharing contributes to a site's credibility and visibility, which can lead to improved rankings and online reputation. However, if the target website blocks or fails to obtain the required data, it may interfere with the auditing and monitoring process. So, if you are looking for a review monitoring solution, or your business offers review tracking software, then choosing a reliable proxy or scraper will do your business a favor. Yilu proxy can help you collect and analyze customer reviews and help to set marketing goals. Choosing a reliable review tracking software or solution is very important to help ensure that you can carry out these activities effectively and get the best results.
Monitor Reviews
Every Plan Includes
Global Coverage

Socks5 Or HTTP proxies can be found almost anywhere in the world

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions

Without any traffic restrictions, it can handle tens of thousands of IPs at the same time

99.99% of nodes are guaranteed to be up and running

Continuous access with YiLu rotation technology

Professional customer support

Get 1-on-1 live customer support via Telegram live chat

Yilu Proxy Exclusive Client

Easily manage your proxies and quickly find filtered proxy node information

Fully Compatible

Fully compatible with mobile APP, such as Shadowrocket, V2rayNG, and other APPs.

Dedicated Residential Proxy Network

Why Choose YiLu Dedicated Residential Proxies

Why Dedicated Residential Proxies Are So Popular

1. Best Price Guarantee - Yilu Dedicated Residential Proxies are meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of our customers, and they are backed by our Best Price Guarantee. This means that if you happen to find a lower price from any other reputable proxy provider, we are committed to not only matching or beating their price but also to providing you with exceptional service quality and performance that outperforms them. Our dedicated residential proxies are designed to ensure reliable and secure online data collection, with the added benefit of offering unparalleled anonymity and privacy protection. Trust us to provide you with the best value for your investment and unparalleled service that exceeds your expectations.
2. Residential IPs - Yilu dedicated residential plan offers multiple pools of IP addresses, including residential and mobile, to ensure maximum success during scraping. Using this feature, you gain access to a wide range of IP addresses that are not easily blocked or rate-limited by the website you are scraping. The various IP address options we provide can help you easily avoid the restrictions of website anti-crawling mechanisms and improve your data crawling efficiency.
3. Integrate Easily - Integrate your software easily with our proxies and get live chat support and the best expertise on the market! We offer the best proxy services on the market, and our plans are affordable so you can easily afford them. Our quick response and high-quality service are further factors that set us apart from many competitors. We provide multiple security measures to ensure the highest level of protection for your data and information. Our proxy can easily scale to meet your business needs and growth. Our support team is always on hand to provide you with help and solutions to ensure that your proxy service remains efficient and stable at all times.

Dedicated Residential Proxy Coverage and number of ips

200+ Countries Coverage

USA Proxy
8075351 IPs
Japan Proxy
156534 IPs
Indian Proxy
4982463 IPs
UK Proxy
3627259 IPs
Singapore Proxy
124920 IPs
Spanish Proxy
2385532 IPs
824726 IPs
Korea Proxy
1047582 IPs
Germany Proxy
1580195 IPs
Vietnam Proxy
4123 IPs
Hong Kong Proxy
120187 IPs

YiLuProxy pricing plans

Pricing Plans

Dynamic Residential IP
country targeting

  • 200+ Countries IPs
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests
Dynamic Residential IP
city targeting

  • 200+ Countries IPs
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests
Dynamic Server IP
dynamic rotating datacenter IP

  • 200+ Countries IPs
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests

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