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Regarding some sellers running into the warehouse of Amazon, there is a banner at the door of the warehouse, which says that Amazon has banned Chinese buyers for no reason and so on. In fact, when I saw such selections, such pictures, and such videos, I was quite moved in my heart. Here is a general method to avoid banning and association, which is to use the socks5 proxy to configure an overseas residential IP to log in to our account, and keep this residential IP from changing for a period of time. If there are many accounts, we It is necessary to achieve 1 machine, 1 number, and 1 residential IP to avoid the association between accounts, so as to avoid the banning of large-scale associated accounts!
As a seller, I certainly understand that the reason why the seller went to Amazon to display banners was because his account was blocked by Amazon some time ago, that is, around February 14th. We don't talk about the reasons for its ban, but as far as this matter is concerned, it has indeed caused great trouble to many sellers. In the notification of the ban, Amazon mentioned in the email that we will no longer pay for your goods.
This could be a serious blow to some sellers, right? I don't know what will happen in the end, but it can be predicted that the final result may be that there is basically no way to recover the account, but the withheld payment may be released in batches. This may be a desirable outcome for sellers, but also for buyers. This is also a good way for the Amazon platform to resolve conflicts.
Because of this kind of thing, we had encountered a similar situation as early as 2015, when it was about the balance car incident. Half a year after the balance car incident, many sellers gradually recovered their payment. We also hope that these sellers whose accounts were banned on February 14 can recover their payment later. Of course, if I just talk about these, it doesn't really make much sense. I would like to talk more about the thoughts brought to us after this mass banning of accounts.
When some sellers saw the banners saying that Amazon banned Chinese sellers for no reason, I once saw someone post a message in the group, asking why this happened, and saying that they didn't know what they did wrong. After this incident, I asked multiple sellers who asked me for help, and none of them did not use amazon reviews.
I don't deny that there may be some coincidences where some sellers don't use amazon reviews, but for some reason their accounts are restricted. However, in most cases, most sellers have the behavior of using amazon reviews. And amazon reviews itself is against the platform regulations. Whether it is the Amazon platform or the domestic e-commerce platform, it will crack down on Amazon reviews.
In the operation process, how do we view and deal with the problems of amazon reviews? A few days ago, a reporter from Tencent also raised the same question when interviewing me: What does amazon reviews mean to sellers? Why do sellers conduct amazon reviews? For Amazon sellers, amazon reviews may mean that our products will be ranked higher and sales may be more, but also remember that amazon reviews will bring certain risks.
What we should keep in mind is that amazon reviews themselves are against the rules of the platform. At the same time, amazon reviews are a false operational behavior and should not happen too much. In addition, amazon reviews also have costs. If you invest a huge amount of money in amazon reviews, is it really worth it? If you use these costs in the selling price of the product and provide consumers with lower prices, then you can also succeed.
In the actual operation process, I also heard feedback from some buyers in the process of contacting various sellers. There are some sellers who have never used amazon reviews during their operation, and have not even checked a single list. In their view, amazon reviews are incredible, because they believe that doing business should be down-to-earth and follow the rules. These sellers may appear to be a bit slow at the initial stage of development, but their advantages will gradually become apparent during the step-by-step operation process. Because they have no speculative mentality and no trickery mentality, they move forward step by step. In such a situation, they will walk more steadily.
This is talking about the consequences of amazon reviews behavior when operating an e-commerce platform. The author pointed out that amazon reviews are against the rules of the platform, and it is a false behavior, and it also has a cost. The author also talked about sellers without amazon reviews. They may seem a little slow at the beginning, but they have no opportunistic psychology, so they will walk more steadily. The author suggests that after this incident, we should take this as a wake-up call, seriously think about how to get on the right path, and return to a down-to-earth operating mode.
For Amazon, it is best to use the socks5 node to configure the residential IP to achieve login and operation, because the stability of the residential IP is an important criterion for cultivating the weight of our store number, and the residential IP set by the socks5 node can effectively improve our work efficiency.
In addition to this, in fact, for sellers, we have another very necessary thing. In fact, we need to understand some information about the industry, so this is also part of the content we will cover in the entire sharing, that is, how do we To make good use of some current news-related things, or some of our Amway-related things. Okay, so this whole sharing will not simply turn the sharing into a lecture, which is actually meaningless. All the articles I wrote during the sharing process are also based on our current operations and some confusing points in the operations of some sellers I have come into contact with. I summarize these targeted content and share them with you. let's go on to share a topic today. Today I would like to share a topic about what sellers who are running Amazon may or have experienced, or heard about a situation that others are encountering. It was around the Spring Festival that many Amazon seller accounts were suddenly closed. Many buyers found that when I started to log in to my Amazon account diligently today, I found that Amazon kept reminding you that the username and password were wrong, and reminded you that it was wrong, but you knew it was right. In this case, even if you use the method of retrieving the password, it is also invalid.
What should some sellers do in this situation? Only sellers who send emails to Amazon. After the email of the performance team set performance was sent, I received a reply from Amazon. In the reply email, he said that we have reviewed your account through us and decided that you can no longer sell on Amazon. But according to our rules, we can't tell you what is the reason why you can't sell it and so on. At the same time, there is a very serious statement in it. According to our rules, if we judge that a seller account is suspected of illegal behavior, he is suspected of fraudulent behavior. When there is such a behavior, we can stop paying you, and you say that you will not lend you any more. So for your situation, we will not lend you money.
There are actually several layers of meaning here. The first one is that your account is hopeless. The second is that we will not pay money for your account. So in fact, when many sellers receive this email, their mood is very gloomy. The reason is very simple, the account is dead, I can still apply. But for those accounts with tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in their accounts, their blow is very, very big, right? Well, this is such a case, such an incident that happened around the Spring Festival. What is the cause of this incident? Many sellers may feel very baffled. I don't seem to have committed anything. Why did such a situation happen? I did encounter it. At least a few dozen sellers have asked me and reported this question. I have seen the email template dozens of times. In the process of reading it, the first thing I asked was a question from the seller, that is, have you done Amazon reviews. The general response was that it did. Of course, there are also sellers who report that I don't do a lot.
Regarding Amazon reviews, first of all, Amazon reviews are an objective fact, that is, the account closure this time is related to Amazon reviews. When some sellers tell me that the quantity is not very large, I will ask another question accordingly, do you have a large order quantity? The order quantity is generally not many. So when you encounter such a situation, the reason is very simple. Although the number of your Amazon reviews is not many, the absolute percentage of your total order quantity is relatively large, which leads to the risk of the account.
Well, this is a direct reason why the Amazon account was blocked this time. Of course, what circumstances caused this to happen? If some of our sellers pay attention to some American YouTube agents and other news websites, you may find that a piece of news is very popular recently. What news? A news report from CBS in the United States, I read the news in detail. There is such a plot, a couple broke the news to the news media saying that I have never bought anything online, but I have received so many things. They showed dozens of packages, that is, people did not receive them, but you sent dozens of packages to them. Of course, some packages have barcodes on them, and you can find them by following the barcode. The culprit is none other than Amazon. Sold from Amazon, shipped by Amazon, or shipped by the seller themselves. But at the end of the day, why did I receive a package like this when I didn't make a purchase? This involves what we usually call Amazon reviews. Those who have been in contact with the Amazon reviews industry, or have contacted some Amazon reviews intermediaries will know that some intermediaries will tell you that our Amazon reviews are absolutely safe and have real addresses. . But don't forget where your real address comes from, right? If you find the address of a certain consumer and add it to one of your own buyer accounts, in such a case, the buyer will receive the goods, but the goods he receives are inexplicable, right?
Therefore, in the process of actual sellers looking for Amazon reviews from others, we will also find such a situation that suddenly the order will show that no one has signed for it, and what has caused no one to sign for it. The reason is very simple, that is, although you have an Amazon reviews address, the actual buyer is either not at home, or I did not buy it, so I do not sign for it and so on.
Well, here's one such trigger for this Amazon review that's currently happening. Let's take a look. Now that you have Amazon reviews, or the intermediary of Amazon reviews tells you that I am doing it in a very safe way, but why is your account not safe again? This involves Amazon's identification and inventory of Amazon reviews. First of all, I think many of you sellers know what kind of company Amazon is? Amazon is a big data processing company and a big data analysis company, and its AWS cloud service is the world's number one up. What he does is to keep the truth from the false in the data, remove the false and keep the true, and then find out the essential things. In such a situation, you can imagine whether the things you committed can be recognized by it. Of course, this is still relatively abstract.
Let's take a closer look at how Amazon identifies Amazon reviews. I believe that some sellers may have their accounts suspended due to excessive Amazon reviews, and their performance and accounts will be directly blocked. A lot of things happened years ago. What happened after the account was blocked? Amazon said that if you want to appeal and want to regain sales authorization, you can appeal. But if you want to appeal, what must you do to provide us with it? What channels did you use to swipe the numbers of those orders? Who is the contact person for Amazon reviews? What is the platform for Amazon reviews? And so on a series of listed down. Let's not talk about anything else.
Coming to Beijing, from the order number of your Amazon reviews and which review you received is a swipe, you need to know what this means. When you, as a seller, provide some information to Amazon, it means that Amazon has already included the buyer account you provided. Circled into the list of Amazon reviews. If Amazon has such a blacklist, then this person is included.
Let's think about it again, for a person who reviews Amazon, a consumer of Amazon reviews, or an account of Amazon reviews, this account will definitely not only use your family, but he will also use other companies, right? ? In the process of brushing other homes, what does this mean? It means that when you are complained, when you report the buyer, it is also possible that other people will also report the buyer. So many sellers reported that I swiped the order through the buyer's account, which is tantamount to an overlap of various information. Amazon will recognize this as an Amazon reviews account. What else is going on besides this? Even if only one person reported it, what would Amazon do? Will it be reversed from the buyer's account? After he identified it, he found that since the buyer's account number was reported by seller a, saying it was from Amazon reviews, he left a review. And watch him give b-sellers, c-sellers, d-sellers, and so on.
Some sellers leave a review when they buy one, which is a serious and abnormal phenomenon. OK, Amazon will recognize it as an account of Amazon reviews, so after identifying it as an account of Amazon reviews, a regressive mechanism will be created. A reported it, but you also left a review for b, c, and d at the same time, so what does it mean? The 3 buyers b, c, d are also buyers of Amazon reviews, right? After a while, a batch of sellers of Amazon reviews were caught. This led to the batch of accounts that happened around the Spring Festival we are talking about, and suddenly the inexplicable accounts were closed.
Although you don't know that your Amazon reviews were discovered by Amazon, Amazon has indeed discovered your Amazon reviews, but why didn't you check them before? Amazon may have committed something wrong with your account before, so it was better to temporarily record it, but it happened because of the CBS report that this incident was caused. We often say that the vibration of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. It can be said that for Amazon this time, the batch titles were blocked because of the vibration of the butterfly's wings in c, b, and s. Of course, we can't complain because of this matter, saying that we are too unlucky, right? Or complain that c, b, s should not be reported. In fact, these are normal.
If you are always doing some Amazon reviews during the operation of Amazon, one day, your account will be at risk. So I actually talk about this process in the sharing, and I also want to remind all sellers and friends that they can abide by the rules of the Amazon platform as much as possible in the actual process and in the actual operation process, and follow the requirements of the Amazon platform. Instead of having a speculative mentality to do some aggressive things. Amazon reviews are prohibited by the platform. You should try not to use them. If you do use them, you must do what you can.

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