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What is SEO monitoring?

SEO, full name is Search engine optimization, is a long term process to optimize your website or webpage for getting better rank in search engine, more pageviews, clicked by the users from internet. SEO monitoring is a necessary part of SEO for tracking website’s performance in search engines and get a comparison among your competitors. SEO Monitoring contains following factors.
For SEO, after deep analysis above factors, can get detailed data on SEO result for making a right SEO strategy.
SEO Monitoring contains following factors
  • Organic traffic flow
  • Bounce rate
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Conversion rate
  • Keywords ranking
  • Page speed
Yilu e-commerce proxy

How to use Yilu proxy for SEO monitoring?

YiLu Proxy offers different IP pool and API that will provide automation operation for customers’ SEO monitoring with right IPs to maximize uptime. Just download Yilu proxy and get API code from API address in setting part of Yilu proxy software. for more can view Yilu FAQ page and SEO pages.

Combined with a scraping tool, such as ParseHub, LocoySpider, SEO Proxy will help you automate your SEO monitoring in different random or fake IP addresses, so that can fasten your speed and save lots of timeand energy

What can Yilu Proxy do for SEO?

Enhance site performance
If you want to rank well in the search engines, you must enhance your site performance. You can operate a website audit to inspect performance concerns, which involves tardy page loading, security bugs,content compliance, and so on. Focus on whatever you find as soon as possible to gain preference with the search engines.
Analyze outstanding parts of your website
With the leadership of SEO monitoring, you can figure out what makes parts of your website stand out and generate the SEO results you want, especially on SERP from Global IP addresses. From there, you can accumulateother branches and upgrade your content marketing strategy from all aspects.
Excel in the competition
Obviously competition is fierce, and every site is striving for the first place. In this race, you would never be willing to allow your contenders to excel you because of a few SEO issues. Hence, you must keep yourwebsite perfect with unceasing SEO monitoring and mend vulnerabilities immediately they show up
Be safe from punishments
Search engines are attached to their own rules. Being against these can have an effect on your SEO and bring punishments intentionally or otherwise. For instance, toxic links and forbidden hidden text are included.So using SEO monitoring to identify and eliminate such SEO activities on your site can protect you from punishments

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