Static Residential Proxy
what is a static residential proxy

What is a Static Residential Proxy?

Static residential proxies are real native residential IP addresses assigned by global ISPs, which enable users to use residential IP for a long time according to business requirements. Static residential proxies are not only fast, stable and reliable, but also provide 100% anonymity and 24/7 IP availability. Using Static residential IP proxies of Yilu proxy can apply ISP proxy networks to a variety of services that require long-term validity, covering network business requirements from social media management to other complex proxy network requirements.When you purchase a static residential IP proxy, Yilu proxy system will allow you to exclusively own the same residential IP address as your private proxy IP for one month or more. Our residential proxy network handles the use case of keeping the same IP for all of your browsing sessions well and preserves the residential IP unchanged for you as required.

What can you do with a static residential proxy?

Yilu Proxy can provide more than 90 millions of residential proxies for scraping data from E-Commerce sites, such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Sneaker, Walmart,or others.Learn more:
What can you do with a static residential proxy?
What can you do with a static Residential Proxy?

Expand Marketing Results

Sign up and manage unlimited social media accounts as easily as real users. Residential IP does not share any subnets and comes with precise location information, thus ensuring that your account is not blocked in bulk. This is your preferred solution for scaling marketing results and is also suitable for ad verification, SEO research, affiliate testing, and other digital marketing use cases. Learn more:

Access Requests Without Restrictions

Static Residential Proxy IP removes the limitation of network requests and does not limit the number of concurrent sessions. You can access the entire pool of residential proxy IPs to easily expand your web crawl project by crawling multiple data sources at once with web scraping tools as well as concurrent connections.Static residential proxy IPs enjoy the high-level reliance and anonymity of a website or web service. Your web requests are routed to the website or web server through your static residential proxy, which ensures that your real IP is truly hidden. The target site regards your activity as any other normal user's activity without any restrictions.
Access Requests Without Restrictions
Access data anytime anywhere

Access data anytime anywhere

Static Residential Proxy IP covers major regions of the United States. Easy access to local information, validate localized sites, conduct market research, and gather competitor intelligence.
North America: US, Canada
derived from the following US states(included but not limited):New York | Boston | Los Angeles | Washington | New Jersey| Atlanta | Houston | Portland | Orlando | Miami

Yilu Proxy Server Core Solutions

Global Coverage of Dedicated Proxy Nodes

Meet Your Demands for All Scenarios
Completely Anonymous
Use Socks5 whitelisted IPs from real ISPs and stay 100% highly anonymous on the web.
Global Coverage
Use real residential IPs from any country, city, region or network provider around the world, with nodes covering more than 200+ countries
Fully Unrestricted
You can access more than 90M+ IPs from the beginning, and you will no longer be troubled by any restrictions, bans and verification codes when conducting business on the network
Every Plan Includes
Global Coverage

Socks5 proxies can be found almost anywhere in the world

Unlimited Concurrent Sessions

Without any traffic restrictions, it can handle tens of thousands of IPs at the same time

99.99% of nodes are guaranteed to be up and running

Continuous access with YiLu rotation technology

Professional customer support

Get 1-on-1 live customer support via Telegram live chat

Yilu Proxy Exclusive Client

Easily manage your proxies and quickly find filtered proxy node information

Fully Compatible

Fully compatible with most well-known SEO, Internet marketing, website testing tools

Residential Proxy Network

Why choose YiLu Proxy Static Residential IP

You can purchase and apply a static residential proxy from Yilu proxy out of individual and commercial intentions. Especially when you have premium demand on IP purity and anonymity, and need to imitate actual requests, static residential proxy IP is the optimal choice. You can select a residential IP from Yilu residential IP pools to mask your web address almost in any region across the globe and access any platform without any restrictions to conduct online activities on demand.1. Secure and Stable - YiLu Proxy's static residential proxies guarantee up to 99.9% average uptime online. They are one of the most stable and reliable proxies on the market, supporting HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols. Even the fastest and most secure proxies will be useless if they are not reliable. It is worth mentioning that static IP addresses are more stable than dynamic ones. More specifically, dynamic IPs often cause user connections to be interrupted due to proxy IP addresses changing, and then you have to reselect to a new IP address, whereas static connections do not have this problem. Static residential IP addresses do not change no matter what the user does, making static residential proxies a particular advantage in the areas of online banking, shopping, and streaming.2. Efficient - Static residential IP addresses are easier to obtain and maintain because, like other static proxies, they are ready for use with a single configuration. In addition, our Yilu proxy is perfectly compatible with and integrated with the current market mainstream network tools and software, such as major fingerprint browsers.3. 911s5 proxy Alternative - similar to 911s5 proxy, Yilu proxy offers the advanced and premium static residential proxy with a client, also has country, city, and zip targeting, which is the same as 911 proxy features.

YiLuProxy pricing plans

Pricing Plans

Dedicated Static Residential IP

  • USA Country IP
  • unlimited traffic
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests
Shared Static DataCenter IP

  • USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy Country IP
  • unlimited traffic
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests
Dedicated Static DataCenter IP

  • USA Country IP
  • unlimited traffic
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited requests

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