Yilu Proxy Types
shared static hosting proxy

Shared/Dedicated Static Hosting Proxy

Static hosting IP is also called native IP, and the datacenter IP is the same. It won’t change until you shift it. For instance, if you purchase and connect to an IP(e.g.123.345.123.234) in the Yilu Proxy client, the IP will be maintained all the time.

shared static hosting IP vs dedicated static hosting IP

Shared static hosting IP is available to all people simultaneously, and it is possible that dozens of people are connecting to the identical IP at the same time. The expense is $0.1 per IP daily. You can experience the whole day online time, unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited requests once paid.Dedicated static hosting IP is used by an individual who paid during a particular period. The expense is $30 per IP monthly. You can experience a 30-day-long proxy online, unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited requests once paid.In summary, when it comes to overall quality, the dedicated static hosting IP is superior to the shared one.

Dedicated Static Residential Proxy

Dedicated static residential IP is also a real native residential IP, which can provide high anonymity as dynamic residential IP. The static residential IP can remain unchanged for a long time, which is suitable for the business of long-term login with the same address. The biggest difference between the two is that dynamic residential IPs rotate randomly, which is suitable for data comparison mining with multiple IP switching requirements.Tips: When using a static IP, you have to run the Yilu proxy client in the usage process. While you can close the proxy client after IP extraction when using dynamic IPs.
  • A. Pros of dedicated static residential IP
  • a. More like real people browsing the Internet since IP addresses are fixed and unchanging, providing consistent and stable service.
  • b. Static residential IPs are more often used for businesses that need to log in from the same address over a long period of time, such as account management.
  • c. A high-speed, stable connection with the ability to start and maintain through the Domain Name System or DNS.
  • d. Relatively pure, unlike other IPs that are over-sold and over-used. It is the optimal IP solution for stable account registration and store management.
  • B. Cons of dedicated static residential IP
  • a. The main disadvantage of a static residential IP proxy is that the IP address does not change. A single static residential IP proxy will not work for someone who needs to obtain a proxy with a constantly changing IP address in order to exceed the individual purchase limit. Some businesses prefer dynamic residential proxies that update IP addresses periodically
  • b. Another drawback is the high expense. Stability comes at a cost, and static residential IP proxies are costly per month because they are more difficult to obtain than other proxies. For those who want to use a large number of static residential IP proxies for web crawling, the cost of purchasing multiple proxies can be high.
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rotating residential proxy

Rotating Residential Proxy

Rotating Residential IP, which can be comprehended as domestic broadband IP, such as residential IP for Internet access through Modem, cable broadband, ADSL, ISDN, cell broadband, etc. ‘Rotation’ implies you will be temporarily allocated an IP address each time you access the Internet, which is also a trait of residential IP.Rotating residential IPs can realize countries, states, cities, and ZIP targeting. These are domestic IPs from over 200 countries globally and 10 million IPs are online in real time each day.

Rotating residential IPs of Yilu proxy are directly assigned for use by ISP servers. You are able to switch off Yilu proxy client when finishing the extraction of rotating residential IPs, but you can’t do it if you are using port forward.

Rotating proxies support for HTTP/HTTPS/Socks5 protocols. However, we advise applying the Socks5 as a priority due to higher security and stability.

Typically, the quality of rotating residential IP is better than that of rotating datacenter IP. And the dynamic IP is charged by traffic.

Please pay attention, if you tick [change IP per request], the rotating residential IP address will be switched each minute. If not, the chosen IP will maintain as long as the internet is available.

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