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    Why do you need a brand protection proxy?

    Brand protection relates to the course of safeguarding and defending your brand against any potential dangers that could blemish your business. As a matter of fact, brand creation is lasting and high priced. Themore powerful and more gainful your brand is, the more likely it is that malicious party will exploit it to undermine and blemish your company’s fruits inevitably. Here are some of the possible consequences ofmalicious brand exploitation.

    Brand fame and client trust

    For instance, as someone buys a Chanel bag, they are not only purchasing a practical bag – but also paying for a lifestyle, and a promise of quality. When clients engage in poor-quality counterfeits, bothclient trust brand fame of the mentioned brand will be depreciated irreversibly.

    Drop in sales

    Under the circumstance of holding the unchanging standards of marketing activity investments accompanied by beneficial business campaign from all aspects, if you have lately experienced a rapid decline insales. It means you may have encountered brand theft.

    How will YiLu proxy help me protect my brand?

    Web Monitoring on a large scale

    The figure of illegal replicas and imitations remains increasing. They are sold widely on various e-commerce platforms around the world. If you have difficulty in monitoring all these multiple marketplaces ona large scale, your brand reputation will be damaged. With our Yilu proxy, perceiving counterfeit is a piece of cake. You can scan numerous e-commerce sites based on yourrequirement. You will supervise the range of monitoring and access content in any corner of the globe. In the light of low to no block rates, you’ll be able to prevent counterfeiting issues at once.

    Break geo-restriction

    In most occasions, individuals who sell counterfeit products use social media and shopping websites to broadcast and sell poor quality fakes around the world. A company often won't be able to access contentin specially-appointed regions owning to geo-blocking or access limitations imposed by government. When you choose Yilu proxy, every click will be indistinguishable from a real user. You can follow a trail ofillegal behavior infringe upon your brand in any corner in the world. With our proxies, you will not afraid of malicious parties making use of your intellectual property any longer.
    Yilu brand protection
    Fake Ads and Sites
    Fake Ads and Sites
    A malicious third party who has recognized your website (or IP address) as a valuable liability for producing purpose-driven web traffic
    Avoid Crawlers Being Banned
    Illegal copyright infringemennt
    Copyrights are bestowed to artistic or literary compositions that were either created or purchased by your corporation.
    Illicit trademark occupation
    Illicit trademark occupation
    No matter in a domestic country or a foreign one, registering a trademark which is usually similar to yours is their common pattern

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