Price Monitoring
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    Why is price monitoring important?

    Competitive market

    Predicting market currency is more and more complicated as large amounts of data can change at any time. Price monitoring and aggregation is a fundamental part of a business plan for any company thatwants to be in the highest flight of the rivalry. Some websites even explore their competitor’s IPs and provide them with inexact data to mislead them. And some websites will block data center proxies toavoid data leakage. Obviously, everybody keeps an eye on market information closely and Price monitoring tends to be more and more critical.

    Being blacklisted

    If you continually access websites with one device even with the same IP address, websites tend to reckon your operation as automation and limit the number of requests. Such behavior will be detectedthrough IP tracking. If a device tries sending too many requests, its IP will be added to the blacklist. And subsequently, they will refuse your requests temporarily. There is no doubt that your datacollection of Price monitoring will be restricted and the efficiency is too slow.

    How does proxy help with price monitoring?

    Unlimited requests

    With the help of proxies, you can get as many IP addresses as you need to scrape the desired data from the websites in which you are interested. It is a tool to switch multiple IPs from all over the worldsmoothly. So you can send a lot of similar requests without worrying about limits.

    Authentic identity

    Another point is that you act as a potential customer or a regular user to collect price data with proxy, especially residential proxy. Residential proxy has exact geo-targeting, you can monitor prices indiverse locations or platforms to notice what are the pricing differences in specific areas.
    Yilu price monitoring

    Why choose Yilu proxy?

    Accurate data
    Accurate data
    Our rotating residential proxy changes your IP per request, so it is the perfect option if you need price aggregation. Applied with the ISP position, it enables you to appear as a real user without being detected andlimited. It is available to gather accurate data without geo-restrictions. By doing this, you can save much time and energy to achieve data aggregation.
    No matter how many sources you need to accumulate data from, we can meet your needs. Yilu Proxy provide 90 million proxies in real-time, you can locate a particular city from 200countries worldwide. We can deal with large amounts of data smoothly. With socks5 proxy, high anonymity is promised.
    We are a professional team full of experts who guarantee your user experience and quality. Our global network provides stable IP addresses, a high level of security and privacy, and 99.9% uptime for successfulworldwide price monitoring. And we also equip a dedicated support team to assist with your problems online, you can seek advice from us at any time.

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