What Should Amazon Beginners Know

Fri Feb 17 2023admin
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Today, I wanted to talk about new sellers in amazon. The two days ago, a seller came over to feedback such a question, because it was not a seller yet, because from his expression, he was preparing to register various account in Amazon. Because he was limited to seeing his friend's account, he was preparing two sets of information in order to register two accounts. What I want to say here is that if we register and log in to multiple accounts, we must do the overseas residential IP of 1 SOCKS5 IP to follow the account and residential IP to follow the account, so that the account is not associated. This is an important point. At the same time, its progress is slow. He wants to consider to grasp the various pits that can operate various Amazon operations before, so that he can drop less pits and less detours in actual operations.
During the operation of Amazon, there may also be a situation where your product cannot be sold or was removed. Your account is complained or restricted by infringement, causing you to lose sales authority. But even if we encounter these situations, we should not give up from the beginning, but we should prepare sufficient information to cope with it.
For new sellers or people who just get started, you do not have a perfect plan. The so -called plan is just a solution you think is feasible. But what will happen in the actual situation? So as a beginner, at the beginning, you should take action. Only in the real situation can we really experience and know the results. Of course, you may fall into various traps in this process, but it doesn't matter, we can learn from it and continue to move forward. At least in this case, you will not fall into the same trap.
And for people without enough energy, you may not know which traps are. For example, when I discussed with the fans a few days ago, he talked about him to master all the problems and traps first, and then acted. I told him that it was wrong. Have you found that in our communication, I have reminded him a few traps. The first is that he intends to register multiple accounts first and then act. But you have to know that this is a trap in itself. Although there are risks, why can't you act first, register an account first, start operation first, and then consider the second account? The second trap is that he intends to operate two accounts at the same time. But is this really possible? Yes, while you operate a shop alone, you plan to launch a dozen products on another store. In this case, how can you focus on operation? So this is also a big trap you in operational thinking.
If you are operating two stores at the same time and operating 30 products at the same time, the probability of failure is very high, because your funds are limited. In the case where your funds are limited, there are so many products, and there are only two results that appear. One is that everything is not sold well. The other is that some products are sold well. As a result Inside, I invested. It can only be faced with the stock of good products that sell well, and the poorly sold products have the backlog there, becoming a stagnant stock inventory.
In the third point, in the process of building, you mentioned that you want to cooperate with several sellers to develop some exclusive development. Isn't this a pit? Why do you think that a newcomer can be more proficient, or it can make a hot -selling explosion. All the hot sale models, all the outstanding performance, are based on some unbelievable experiences, through the accumulation of experience, through the precipitation of experience, through the familiarity of the industry, in such a case, only some people let others let others let others have others. Looks dazzling results. For a new seller, if you want to open the mold yourself, a set of molds will take tens of thousands of dollars. In addition to tens of thousands of dollars, there is time, plus money and time, your progress is natural It's slow, your cost is naturally high. What do you survive and live in such high cost and slow progress? Don't forget, for us, our time is also very expensive. Many people only see the losses of money, and they can be converted into money themselves without seeing your time. If you waste these things here, why can you produce the results you expect?
For an entrepreneur, we can have a big goal and ideal, but how we must make ourselves go more solid and more secure. Can only succeed and cannot fail. If you really fail, then at least you have a life -saving money in your pocket.
Another point, you have no way to learn too much experience from others' expressions, or bypass too much pits. How can I avoid the pit? Only by jumping in once can we make ourselves go faster, that is, we need to act faster. When I met the pit, I jumped in and tried it. Only after experiencing can you know that we can actually operate like this. All experiences are looking back, and do not expect too much about ourselves before experiencing. We must go forward down -to -earth. This is what we should do in the process of operation.

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