ChatGPT in Vietnam – Chance or Challenge

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ChatGPT in Vietnam
In Vietnam, there exist various obstacles that hinder one's ability to access ChatGPT, resulting in potential users experiencing needless frustration. It is noteworthy that OpenAI's ChatGPT is presently available only in two Southeast Asian countries, and Vietnam is not among them. As a result, Vietnamese users who desire to avail themselves of this service must take supplementary steps, such as utilizing a virtual private network (VPN), Yilu proxy, or other tools, to alter their IP address.

How to Leverage ChatGPT in Vietnam?

1. Optimize programming tasks.
In Vietnam, a number of tech firms have turned to OpenAI's ChatGPT to undertake various assignments such as coding, error analysis, data examination, and report generation. According to a website services company, ChatGPT can rapidly produce the code for a rudimentary website, which is more time and cost-efficient than employing engineers to manually author the same code over a whole day. Beyond mere entertainment and daily conversation, ChatGPT can also aid in coding, error detection, identifying potential logic issues, and other programming duties, thus streamlining programming tasks and improving productivity.
While programs specifically designed to pinpoint bugs are not a novel concept in programming, ChatGPT does possess a distinct advantage in terms of rapidity and efficiency in tackling and resolving problems. Tests have shown that ChatGPT delivers outstanding performance and exceptional results in detecting error codes and the time required to identify such codes.
2. Data Analysis.
ChatGPT has multiple applications beyond programming, as many corporations are currently leveraging its artificial intelligence capabilities for data analysis. Previously, individuals would dedicate extensive periods, lasting days or even weeks, interpreting and extrapolating data while conducting statistical analyses in order to generate top-tier reports. Nevertheless, with ChatGPT's API, creating high-quality reports is now achievable within a mere span of thirty minutes to an hour. The analytical capabilities of AI are vastly superior to those of inexperienced interns, which facilitates swift comparisons and supplements additional analyses on social issues, brands, and markets. Furthermore, ChatGPT has paved the way for us to obtain data analysis reporting services in foreign markets that were previously unimaginable.
3. Study Assistance.
To give language learners a more engaging experience, language education businesses are integrating ChatGPT's API into their platforms. Although communication in the ChatGPT paradigm primarily occurs through messaging, speaking is nevertheless a necessary component of language learning. So the business included a technology that turns text into speech so that students may practice oral communication.
In conclusion, there is no question that software utilizing the strength of ChatGPT and other comparable language models will develop in a variety of industries over the next few years, bringing with it powerful and user-friendly tools and lessening the workload of many individuals.

Will ChatGPT Replace Humans in the Future?

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence system, has instigated discussions regarding the possibility of job loss for individuals. Numerous local and international experts have expressed apprehension over the potential impact of AI on certain industries.
According to recruiting and headhunting firms, professions such as customer service agents and telemarketing agents are expected to be replaced. Additionally, data analysts and junior software engineers are also among the groups of employees who could be affected. Other professions that may be at risk include data entry clerks, market researchers, financial analysts, and basic accountants, along with media jobs like advertising, content creation, technical writing, and journalism.
While AI might displace some jobs, the introduction of tools such as ChatGPT will generate a demand for other products. This is why these tools can have a significant impact without posing a threat.
Nevertheless, some people believe that AI or ChatGPT may not replace many jobs quickly, possibly in the next three to five years, and that the demand for employment in most sectors has not been significantly affected. The primary reason is that, except for a few industries such as financial services, transportation, and telecommunications, AI is not yet extensively used in Vietnam. Although autoresponder chatbots are commonly used in small and medium-sized businesses, their effectiveness is limited.

How can we avoid from surpassed by ChatGPT?

1. Cooperate with ChatGPT.
Professionals in Vietnam suggest utilizing a language processing model dubbed ChatGPT, which has undergone training using an extensive online corpus. As such, ChatGPT is proficient in precisely detecting prevalent syntactic patterns, phrase configurations, and inter-paragraph associations. This strategy enables you to proficiently handle a substantial amount of iterative assignments, thus granting you the liberty to devote more attention to tasks necessitating your distinctive abilities and assessment.
2. Improve Emotional Intelligence and Innovative Ideas.
The development of emotional intelligence (EQ) is a necessary step for gaining a technological edge. To compete with the likes of ChatGPT or AI developers, employees must continuously improve their interpersonal and cognitive skills, raise their emotional intelligence, and concentrate their efforts on generating innovative ideas. Sound judgment, sensible decision-making, and fluid inspiration are essential skills for success, along with active participation in a dynamic learning process. A skilled practitioner should also continue to pay close attention to understanding the use and modification of technology, keeping up with technological advancements.
3. Help with Personal and Business Development.
Distinguished specialists endorse ChatGPT in Vietnam as a crucial instrument for personal and business development. Although ChatGPT employment poses challenges, it also presents lucrative prospects. In select instances, ChatGPT may offer optimal solutions in a particular field; however, it does not warrant universal substitution.
There exists a fallacious belief that ChatGPT will eventually supersede content creators, but such a notion is misguided. Analogously, ChatGPT can be compared to pre-packaged bottled water, while genuine content creators are akin to pure and invaluable juice. The widespread implementation of artificial intelligence has the potential to catalyze creative utilization among people.
Super AI represents an exceptional occasion that instills fear only in those who resist change or exert laborious efforts bereft of suitable application and cogitation. ChatGPT in Vietnam will not displace humans; conversely, those who are incapable of mastering and leveraging its capabilities will be ousted. Therefore, it behooves us to embrace ChatGPT proactively, uncover the vast potential it affords, and enhance our proficiency and literacy through its interactive utilization.


ChatGPT in Vietnam exhibits tremendous potential for future development and will wield a pivotal influence in optimizing individuals' labor efficacy and output. Notwithstanding potential challenges, ChatGPT is poised to mitigate mundane, tedious, and repetitive job facets, enabling individuals to channel their efforts towards more consequential undertakings. Furthermore, ChatGPT is set to supplant certain repetitive job functions, thereby releasing temporal and cognitive resources to be devoted to more advanced endeavors. Nonetheless, we must not discount the integral role that humans play in technological advancements. Ensuring the human-centric application of technology entails continual machine advancement efforts to strike a balance between technology and humanity.

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