Canada Proxy IP Pool

Large Pool of Proxies in Canada

When you depend on a proxy server for online activities like data extraction or automated shopping, there's a continual danger of receiving a ban due to IP address-related problems. Nevertheless, if you utilize our Canadian proxy server, which has entry to an extensive collection of thousands of unique and updated IP addresses, you can effortlessly switch to a new IP address in case your current IP address gets suspended or banned by a particular service. The IPs in Canada we provide include but are not limited to the following cities:
Toronto Ottawa Montreal Calgary Edmonton

Residential Canada Proxy With Good Performance

Take the advantage of our specialized Canadian residential proxy service to create a link with the local internet through an authentic Canadian IP address, with a secure and speedy connection, guaranteeing a high uptime of up to 99.8%.If you are faced with issues due to sluggish internet speeds and inconsistent connections or want to streamline your automation, mining, and scraping processes. Yilu proxy helps you a lot because it ranks one of the quickest average response time in the market, clocking in at 0.8s. It is particularly beneficial for data scraping and mining and seamlessly integrates with major services like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and so on.
Canada Residential Proxies
Canada Datacenter Proxy

Data Collection

Yilu's Canada proxies enable users to connect to the internet via a network of authentic residential IP addresses that are linked to genuine home broadband and internet service providers, ensuring a heightened degree of anonymity and making it arduous for websites to recognize and prevent automated data harvesting activities. With the aid of these proxies, data harvesters can replicate authentic user actions and acquire data from various locations, empowering them to gather a broader spectrum of data and attain more profound insights into their target markets. Furthermore, they deliver fast connections and exceptional reliability, making them a valuable asset for any data collection attempt.

Brand Protection

Using Yilu Canada Proxy prevents hackers and other malicious attackers from finding a user's real IP address and attacking as a result. This can help protect brands from issues such as cyber-attacks and data breaches. It can also help users hide their real IP address when collecting data from websites to avoid being blocked or restricted from websites. This can improve the quality and accuracy of data collection, which can better support brand protection efforts. In addition to this, users can acquire virtual residential addresses from different countries and regions to carry out brand protection work globally.
Use Cases
Free proxy VS Paid Proxy

Search Engine Optimization

First of all, you can collect various data with the support of a Canada proxy, including search results, and information about competitors' websites, search engine rankings, which is very useful for optimizing your website's ranking and traffic. Moreover, users can use it to monitor the ranking of their website keywords on search engines in target locations - Canada on this page to determine optimization strategies. In addition, and search engines usually block frequent visits from the same IP address, and users can circumvent this problem by rotating proxy IPs. Finally, the proxy IPs it provides are from real residential networks, which are more random and real than data center proxy IPs, and can improve the accuracy of the collected data.
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Why You Should NOT Use a Free Canada IP Address

When looking for a no-cost Canada proxy service online, you will discover an abundance of choices. However, it is advised that you avoid such services as they need to generate revenue in some way. Often, this entails observing your activities and vending that information to outside parties. The utilization of free proxy services poses significant security hazards and can defeat the purposes for which you are seeking such a service.
Canada Free Proxies

Why Choose Yilu Canada Proxy?

Pure IP Pools

Pure IP Pools

Yilu proxy has been updating its global IP pools at regular intervals so as to keep the purity and availability for user experience since its inception.
Wide Canada Coverage

Wide Coverage

Yilu’s Residential Proxies cover the whole of Canada, making you conveniently obtain localized data wherever you are.
Web Scraping without Port Limit

Web Scraping without Port Limit

Our Canada Proxies work well with the SOCKS5, and HTTP protocols without port limitations, making your large-scale web scraping tasks more smooth.


The client of Yilu proxy is equipped with a brief and obvious interface, which makes it significantly convenient to conduct proxy configuration and integration with third-party tools according to our professional tutorials.
Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support

With the high Trustpilot rating of in the market, Yilu proxy provides you with a professional and instant support service.


You can configure our Saudi Arabia proxy with almost all applications on the market with the support of integration tutorials, such as Adspower, VMLogin and robots.
Few barriers

Few barriers

Never be anxious about IP bans or verification codes any longer in the process of online activities, which will save much time and energy..
Fully Compliant

Fully compliant

We have 100% reliable and ethical proxy sources for your proxy experience.

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