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Thu Feb 16 2023admin
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Facebook has changed the way people socialize, making it easier to express opinions and share content on mobile devices. With the help of Facebook, geopolitics and business have both changed significantly.
Facebook presents a unique opportunity for cross-border e-commerce and overseas gaming, and is familiar with many business users. According to IC data, tens of thousands of businesses advertise on Facebook every day to reach their target audience. In fact, this is the most popular way of marketing right now. However, it face a common problem: poor performance and low conversion rates when running Facebook ads. There is only one basic cause of this situation: Are Facebook ad placements properly and effectively optimized? So what should be done?
First, how to create more effective advertisements. To create more effective ads, there are several steps to follow. First, segment your ad audience and analyze your competitors’ ad placements using IC, Facebook’s ad optimization platform. Secondly, you can use the socks5 node to set the residential IPs of various countries to realize the advertisement delivery in the delivery area, so as to make the audience more precise. The stable performance of the residential IP will protect the security of the account, and the high speed of the socks5 node can also improve work efficiency.
In order to create more effective ads, we also need to employ a few tricks. For example, add color, best ideas, and fun selling points with trendy ads. At the same time, combine the text title to convey your idea, and try to keep the freshness of the advertising image. In addition, set the display time of the ad. If long-term advertising is ineffective, we should study and analyze the active time of the target audience, and set our own advertising display time based on this.
Second, how to strengthen advertising creativity. Many advertisers find that CTR is getting higher and higher, and feel deeply frustrated. In fact, the success of Facebook advertising is to resonate with the audience, but this method is contrary to our advertising marketing. How to awaken your audience requires creativity first. We found an example on IC to illustrate the original advertisement, that is, the click rate of the original advertisement was set at 0.045%, and the click fee reached 14.5 US dollars. Later, they changed the strategy of Facebook agency advertising and optimized the advertising, but the effect was still not good. Later, they planned to add some humorous elements to see the effect, and the click-through rate increased by more than 0.33%, and the CTR was only $1.06. You need to make a preliminary plan, implement and regularly monitor and review the advertising effect in order to achieve the best results.

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