How to Create Fiveer GIGs

Fri Feb 17 2023admin
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Hello everyone, today I will introduce to you how releases Fiveer GIG. Of course, it is necessary to prepare socks5 nodes and overseas residential IPs. A stable residential IP is necessary for overseas platforms, and it will not be blocked due to abnormal IPs. Banned by the platform, let's get down to business.
Take a step forward and directly teach you how to publish a GIG that generates $50,000 in revenue. What are GIGs? They are the virtual service commodities on Fiveer. Let's briefly introduce a process of publishing gig.
The first is to set the title. The title is very important, because the keywords on the title can be directly searched by customers. After we set the title, set the package price and product description. Just like a product manual, if it is written in an obscure and difficult way, others will simply close your page and find another one. So try to write as simple and understandable as possible. is an add request. What information do you need from library customers for this service? For example, if you are doing translation, you require customers to provide translation documents.
The final step is to upload the main image and video. A good main image will give you a high Gig click rate, which in turn will affect your ranking weight. I suggest that you can use some free templates as the main image. After setting these, our GIG will be officially released, but some people release gig but nothing happens, and no customer comes to consult, but some people send a gig and come directly with hundreds of orders. What is the difference? Still a problem with gig not being outstanding.
If there is no bright spot in gig, it will not be promoted by the platform and will not be seen by customers. So you have to show yourself as much as possible, make your gig look better, and catch the attention of foreigners.
In addition to packaging g i g, there is another point to promote your gig. You can boldly connect social apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to promote your gig link, which is much more useful for self-promotion than swiping orders. Moreover, swiping orders is risky and easy to encounter scams. So how to publish a GIG that generates $50,000 in revenue requires your efforts in packaging and promotion.
This is the end of today's sharing. The content of our program will be updated steadily mainly based on some experiences we have summed up. I hope it can be helpful to you.

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