How to fake my IP in Canada

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canada ip proxy
canada ip proxy

Why do I need to fake my IP into Canadian IP?

There are several advantages when you have a Canadian IP.

1. Access Canadian content
If you are going to access local websites and services with non-Canadian IP addresses, you will get blocked, such as streaming channels - Netflix Canada, CraveTV, Showcase TV, OLN TV, Global TV, etc.
Once you fake your IP as a Canadian IP, you are able to stream geo-restricted programs and movies, unblock news sites, and access financial services.

2. Get cost-effective products
The prices of some products and services vary from region to region, so you can get them at lower costs in some nations compared to others. You are likely to buy a cost-effective ticket when you browse with an IP address in Canada.

3. Keep your identity safe
Online users are identified through their IP addresses, which can represent your location when you surf the internet. That’s to say, if you fake your IP in Canada as you live in the US, you will appear to browse the website from Canada. This can strengthen your safety and privacy online while keeping your real identity hidden over the internet.
Even if you live in Canada, you still need a proxy to fake your IP. Because Bill C-51 requires Internet Service Providers to record the browsing behavior of every Canadian internet user. Furthermore, the information collected due to this bill can be shared with intelligence agencies in the UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand. Therefore, it is essential for online users to protect their identity and footprints on the internet.

How do I fake my IP to Canada?
Choose a reliable proxy provider and connect to a proxy server in Canada, you can easily make it appear to the remaining of the internet that you're inside Canadian borders. Then your device will be assigned a Canadian IP address, making it appear as if you are sending requests from Canada.

How to find a reliable server for faking IP?
Although a lot of servers can be used to fake a Canadian IP address, not all are worthwhile. In particular, you need to pay attention to those free options since they hardly provide encryption and protection features. In addition to offering servers in Canada, a proxy should provide fast, unconstrained speed for browsing and streaming. Apart from this, there are many factors you should take into account.
A. Speed: fast speed is what you are always chasing. Otherwise, you may be stuck waiting a long time for streaming videos to load. Yilu proxy scored excellently in recent connection speed tests since it provides unlimited bandwidth.
B. Server network: A large server network implies that you’ll have access to more countries than just Canada. Plus, a high server count ensures it will be less likely to be overloaded compared to an individual server. Yilu proxy has thousands of servers covering over 200 countries around the world.
C. Ease of use: Yilu proxy offers an easy-to-use app, which makes it concise to quickly perform your favorite online activities. You can use it on your preferred device. Moreover, In addition, they offer apps for a wide array of platforms, and it is fully compatible with mainstream third-party software.
D. Security and privacy: You’re exposed to threats and risks when you’re connecting to the web, especially from malicious hackers. That makes security and privacy protections an essential consideration especially when you are using public Wi-Fi. Yilu proxy offers high encryption and IP leak protection to shield you while you’re browsing the web, keeping anyone else from knowing what you’re doing.
E. Cost-effective: Everyone wants a provider that offers plenty of features and facilities that is money-worthwhile. Yilu proxy offers the most value for your money, what’s better, Yilu proxy has 1v1 live support to assist you anytime, anywhere.

How can I test if my IP address has been faked to Canada?
You can verify if your IP address has been faked to Canada by accessing, which will present you with the IP address of the server that is hosting the website. And you can see the geographic location of that server at the bottom. If you have succeeded in faking your IP address, the website will present you with a Canadian IP address.

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