2 Methods of Getting Traffic and Followers in Online Marketing

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
Online Marketing
Today I will share with you the difference between the two online marketing methods:
The first method is to actively add others' contact information. Of course, this is the fastest way to actively add people, because you enter a group, or find a bunch of mobile phone numbers, that is, as long as he has Telegram or Skype, you can add them. In the past, this was the fastest. But in terms of effect, this is actually the worst. why? Because the people who were added had very little intention for your business, and many of these people feel bored. This required adding a lot of people, and the success rate was very low.
The second is the passive promotion method. Because the passive promotion method has an advantage, by publishing information, the reader benefits. At the same time, the reader has approved your information, approved your content, or gained a certain amount of trust in you, and then actively added your contact information. Then this kind of person either has a high degree of trust, or has a certain interest in related fields, then the transaction rate of this kind will be much higher than that of you directly adding other people's contact information. Of course, these followers also have some inactive followers, but the chances are much smaller. Most of them will be active accounts, that have needs, questions, and want to get information.
In fact, it takes a certain time and energy to accumulate marketing followers. Why? For example, if you promote it for a month, it will have some traffic to join, because for example, in article promotion, it actually takes time to accumulate customers slowly, and then many people will slowly join in. It doesn't mean that you post an advertisement at the beginning, and then someone will add it. You need a process of accumulation. For example, if you use Blogger, takes a certain amount of time. But these articles are accumulated slowly, more and more, and then your articles will increase. In this way, we can make money.
Generally speaking, an article can affect for a long time, maybe half a year, a year, or a few years. It is possible to add your contact information, and he may become your customer. Its excellent article can make others feel that they have gained a lot, and then become your customers, so you must persist in doing promotion, turn promotion into a habit, and convert from quantitative change to qualitative change. Quantity, we can use a lot of accounts to post a large number of articles. If you can't write so much, you can copy, change the title, and change the content, as long as the theme center remains unchanged. In addition, one account can post 3-5 articles a day, so we will solve the account problem. For the mobile phone number, we can go to the message-receiving platform to get the code. For the IP address, we can find the IP proxy provider. Here I recommend YiLu Proxy, which has dynamic proxy IP and static proxy IP from global 200+ countries.

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