How to carry out effective online marketing

Tue Feb 14 2023admin
Online Marketing
I think the company's structure and salary system should be established first. First of all, marketing should be the main work of the company, because only effective marketing can attract customers. The type of product and sales method are not the most important, what is important is how to carry out effective marketing.
If you want to start a business or don’t have a project, you can follow the steps below:
First, find some platforms on the Internet that are available for starting a business, and then publish posts, videos or audio on these platforms to attract potential customers.
The second step is to find the content. In order to obtain high-quality content, you can take the following steps: First, search for content on other platforms, and create pseudo-original content by mixing and cutting. If you have higher requirements, you can also go to platforms in other countries to find resources. In order to be able to access platforms from various countries, you need to use Yilu proxy to set up overseas residential IPs, and use these residential IPs to access foreign platforms and obtain resources from them. In addition, you can also use these residential IPs to cultivate weight numbers, making your resources more attractive than most of your peers.
The third step is to set up the hook. Once potential customers join your network, you can market them products based on what you're selling. For example, if you're selling light fixtures, you can market them light fixtures. After you make money, you can recruit a second promoter. Note that promoters are different from cashiers. The cashier can be yourself, but your income depends on the marketing of the promoters. With more promoters, you can sell any product, such as lamps, tea sets, virtual products or windows and doors. As long as you can develop enough promoters, you can become a large company.
In order to start a business successfully, you first need to understand how marketing works. If you don't know about marketing, it's hard to teach it to others. Therefore, you can learn to master marketing skills. After mastering the marketing skills, you can recruit other people for marketing, such as recruiting 8-10 marketing personnel. If you can earn at least 10,000 daily income. If you follow my method, that is, 10 promoters and 1 cashier, your monthly income will be at least 100,000-200,000. Your business can grow bigger and bigger as you recruit more promoters and cashiers.
Don't recruit salesman, promoters and salespeople like many do, recruit promoters. Such a configuration is suitable for most companies. If you do well later, with hundreds of promoters, 10 salespeople and cashiers, you can pay for marketing and make your project bigger and bigger, which is in line with the normal development of the company.
This way of doing a day-to-day company is applicable to all kinds of projects and suitable for anyone to start a business. Some people say that the product is very important, but in fact the product is not the most important. You can sell tables, chairs, cabinets, or any profitable product, as long as the unit price is between a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan. Products with low gross margins are not worth doing because you won't make much money. I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you have the funds to cover the cost of the promoters.
If you are an entrepreneur and want to make money, survive, and develop for your company, then you must first determine the company's structure and salary system. In this process, marketing should be the main work of the company, because only when the marketing is successful can customers be attracted. No matter what product you sell, how you sell it is the most important thing.Well, that's all for today's sharing, thank you all.

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