How to do Online marketing Rightly

Tue Feb 14 2023admin
online marketing
There are a lot of people who drive traffic successfully, but there are also a lot of people who don't. So, what is the difference between success and failure? The first difference is the method. Some people directly post advertisements when they are carrying out drainage promotion, but this method is not correct. Then some people will publish valuable knowledge and promote soft articles. This method works very well. I suggest that you use this sharing promotion method, the effect will be better.
If there is a student who focuses on jadeite business, then you should share some knowledge about jadeite, such as some uses of jadeite, how to choose high-quality jadeite, what is real jadeite, and how to distinguish fake jadeite. After sharing this information, many people will come to see your information, no matter which platform you post it on. For example, posting good-looking videos or audios on social platforms can achieve very attractive effects. However, direct advertising is not recommended.
Buying fans is not the right way to do it. We should publish valuable content. For example, if you sell bicycles, you should shoot some small videos about bicycles and post them on online video platforms. This is soft promotion. It should not be too tough, but to make people interested and let others privately trust you on the self-media platform. If people are interested, you can tell them how to contact you in the notes, so the fans will be more accurate.
I think a lot of people don't promote and market because they are forcing customers to buy and it makes customers feel uncomfortable. For example, people who sell lamps will directly tell customers the price of the lamps and where they are suitable, instead of introducing the advantages and characteristics of the lamps to customers. If you do this, then you might as well do e-commerce. Doing e-commerce requires patience. Some people may not be patient enough, so that the published content is messy and it is difficult to get traffic. We should find a way and stick to it. Video, audio or articles are fine.
I suggest that you choose to record video or audio for promotion, because it can be recorded anytime and anywhere, and it is more convenient to operate. In contrast, writing an article requires a computer and takes half an hour. Video is different, you can take your mobile phone and go outside to shoot a piece of audio or video, and then promote it. I do it every day and I'm so happy. We are not only promoting, but sharing, which makes us very happy. We have money to earn and we can travel. For example, when I went to Dali, I took a random video and introduced the local jade wares. In this way, when someone wants to buy jade, he will contact you. This is a great way to promote traffic.
We travel to places of interest and share our experiences, which is normal promotion. If people like what you share, and the platform likes it, then you also reap benefits, including money. This is the meaning of our promotion, and we feel happy to share. Don't take promotion as an unpleasant thing. If you think so, it means that you haven't really understood the principle of promotion. You look at those people who post content online every day, are they not happy? No, they are very happy. Because they are sharing every day, and there is money to be made. Therefore, sharing is very happy.
When doing promotion and drainage, you need to pay attention to one more thing: try to prepare as many accounts as possible. Because sometimes your account may be banned. We should prepare a few more accounts and divert traffic to these accounts. It is best to log in with 1 machine, 1 number and 1 IP account, and the IP is also easy to solve. I use the residential IP of Yilu proxy, because the residential IP can maintain the IP segment for a long time, which is suitable for geographical isolation, and there is no relationship between them. Residential IP It is also more suitable for our account maintenance.

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