How to Get Traffic on Online Marketing

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
online marketing
Many marketers can get traffic, but many people don't. What's the reason?
The main problem is your online marketing method. When many people are attracting traffic, they will post advertisements directly. This method is wrong. Then some people post some knowledge and skills, and then leave their contact information on their homepages. This effect is also very good, so I think this kind of sharing marketing is better.
For example, if someone sells jadeite, then you should share some knowledge about jadeite, and some uses of jadeite, right? How to choose an excellent emerald? What is a real emerald? What is a fake emerald? After you share this knowledge on Youtube or TikTok, many people will watch your videos and this effect is very attractive. It is not recommended to advertise directly.
For example, if you sell bicycles, you should shoot some small videos of bicycles, post them on some video platforms, and then say that if you need them, you can private message me and guide others to contact you. Such fans are very accurate.
Some people may be impatient, so they post everywhere by themselves, in a mess. It is also difficult to gain traffic, so we need to stick to a method. It doesn't matter whether you make this video, audio, or article, you choose one that you can stick to. I suggest that you choose a video or audio because it can be recorded and operated at any time. Unlike articles, it is very troublesome for you to write articles. Because you need a computer, and it takes half an hour to write on the computer. But the video and audio are different. You can take your mobile phone and go out to record audio, take a video, and I will put it on for promotion. I do it every day. This is a very happy thing. We are not only marketing, we are doing sharing, we are very happy doing it, we have money to collect, and we also play around. For example, when I am traveling, I take random photos. Let me explain how this jade is. This is a good sharing. If your audience also wanted to buy jade at that time, he would add your contact information and ask you some questions. This is a good way to promote and attract traffic.
We go to a scenic spot to do a thing and share it. This is our normal promotion. People who watch it like it, and the platform also likes it, and then you also get money. This is the promotion we do, and what we promote and share is happiness.
When we do this promotion and attract traffic, we should pay attention to one point, that is, we need to register multiple platform accounts, because your account may sometimes be blocked. Then one account drives traffic to three or four other accounts. It is best to log in to one account using one IP. Here I recommend YiLu Proxy, because the dedicated static IPs on YiLu Proxy are stable for a long time.

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