How to Get Traffic When Online Marketing

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
Online Marketing
Hello everyone, today I will talk about new thinking for attracting traffic. Before I talk about this, let me first talk about the multiple accounts, because most of us now use a residential IP to log in to the account. When you only have one account,  you can use this method to log in to your account, but when you want to log in with multiple accounts on a platform, you will violate a rule of the platform. Individuals can only have one account. At this time, how do you manage your multiple accounts?
It is necessary to use an IP proxy server to extract more residential IPs, such as YiLu Proxy, then create and log in to an account by using one residential IP. Because the static residential IP is more stable and clean, it can be used to manage multiple accounts.
Attracting traffic refers to attracting customers or target audiences to your website or app by grabbing their attention. Usually, companies will use social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, etc. to attract traffic. The goal is to get customers interested in your product or service by attracting them to your platform and wanting them to become your customers.
Use the allure of your customers or target audience to lure them to your platform. For example, if you find that a popular product or service is attracting customers, you can attract customers to your platform by making a similar product or service.
In conclusion, Getting traffic is a common marketing technique designed to attract the attention of customers or target audiences and expect them to become your customers. Attraction countering is a method of driving traffic that uses the attractiveness of customers or target audiences to attract them to your platform.
If we focus on the type of money-making projects. It attracts people who want to make money or those who want to make money. How much money I have made through this project, and how have I made it? Then these people are attracted by you, and you need to understand the fundamental needs of these people. This is the most important thing, which means that we attract these people, and they want to make money. When doing promotion, promotion means that many people think that doing promotion is actually a person who thinks that doing promotion means constantly posting articles and videos, but you find that there are no different people posting this thing, and the same method will have different effects. Why? Because someone knows users' thoughts.
Use people's ideas to attract traffic. For example, if the elderly want to live a long and healthy life, they must promote the functions of healthcare products. If women want to be beautiful, they must show that cosmetics can bring them beauty, and use cosmetics to make them beautiful. From the perspective of human nature, creating meaningful content can attract more traffic.
When online marketing, what we pay more attention to is the output of content. Your value determines what customers you attract. For example, if you need to promote for enterprises, then you must output this value that a business can get. You can often read books and articles about this field because after reading too many articles in this area, they keep these promotional methods and skills in their minds. If you want to sell a product, you generally need two departments, the marketing department, and the sales department.
The marketing department is generally responsible for the popularity of the product, making the product known to more people, so that when they need similar products, they will want your product. The operation is as follows:
1. Find some platforms, such as Youtube, TikTok, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc., join relevant groups, and then post some posts about brands or products, post some videos, or post audio.
2. Create meaningful content. It is possible to record the use, function, and other aspects of branded products. You can go to other platforms to find similar products and refer to other people's ideas. The same platform needs to register multiple accounts to publish content, making brand products more trustworthy and easier to be seen by users. This involves a proxy IP issue. I recommend you use YiLu Proxy, because if you are just looking for resources, you can use the dynamic IP in YiLuProxy. If you use it to manage your own platform account, you must use YiLu Proxy. With a static IP, you can guarantee that you log in with one IP for a long time, and you will not be blocked by the platform due to abnormal IP.
The sales department is responsible for selling products and after-sales service. If these interested users contact you, for example, if you sell lights, you will sell lights. When there is a problem with the product, it must be resolved in time, which can make the product's reputation better and facilitate a conversion.
Then you copy it according to this model, and if you make money, you recruit a second promoter. When there are more and more promoters, you can sell any product, whether you sell lamps, tea sets, or software, as long as the profit is high.

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