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Tue Feb 14 2023admin
Online Marketing
Hello everyone, I am an entrepreneur who focuses on online marketing and short video operations. When we attract traffic, we need to understand what the fundamental problem is, that is, to have an attractive and effective display. Only by continuously releasing value can the transaction be realized naturally. This applies not only to selling courses and products but even to selling food, because they are both a product. We need to constantly demonstrate the effect. For example, people who exercise can constantly show strong muscles, attract media exposure, and let more people see this effect. In this way, if the same product is sold by people with different display effects, the final sales results will also vary greatly. So we should show the best side of the product to customers, this is the road to success.
When doing drainage, it is important to show the effect of the product. Especially when selling goods, many people don't know the characteristics of your product, so you have to use some methods to attract them. For example, post a video on TikTok or YouTube to show the effect of your product, so that people will take the initiative to seek advice from you after seeing it. In addition, you can also use data to show the effect of the product, such as the comparison between one month ago and one month later, or the comparison with competitors, so that people will have more confidence to buy your product after seeing it. In short, the key to traffic is to show the effect of the product, so that people will take the initiative to find you after seeing it.
Especially because short videos are so popular at the moment, we can use our spare time to show the functions and effects of the product. We can show the effect of the product every day, making it easier for customers to be attracted and buy the product. If you show the effect every day like this, you can rest assured that someone will definitely come to buy your product to show you. If you cooperate with a residential IP proxy, use a large number of geographically isolated trumpets to send videos. Choose Yilu proxy to set up a residential IP to log in to your account, and you can use these numbers to post videos on major platforms crazily. Are you afraid that you will not have traffic? Are you afraid that you won't be able to sell something?
When attracting traffic, the effect display is a very effective way. By showing your product or service in action, you can attract more people's attention, increasing their trust and satisfaction. Keep showing results, and people will come to buy your product. Whether it is selling courses or products, or even selling food, you need to demonstrate the effect. For example, fitness instructors can attract students by showing off their muscular bodies. This is the effect display. Selling any product on the Internet, such as men's products or women's clothing, relies on this effect. Why are clothes displayed on people? Because this can better show the effect, women wear clothes and turn around twice, don't they look beautiful? Vision is our most commonly used sense, and most people rely on vision to judge whether things are easy to use.

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