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Wed Feb 15 2023admin
Online Marketing
When we promote a product, we often promote it on lots of platforms. You can post content on these platforms to attract more people to follow you and thus gain traffic. However, if there is only one account on a platform, the published content is fewer, then we need multi-account online marketing. Using YiLuProxy residential IPs and an anti-fingerprint browser can help you create multiple accounts and reduce the risk of being blocked.
For online marketing, there are many ways, such as videos, SNS, blog articles, etc. I will introduce a few:
1. Short video, including YouTube Shorts, TikTok, etc. To make a short video, you only need to use the editing technology, find the keywords of the video, and then copy and paste them onto the Internet. For example, if you are selling steel pipes, you can make a short video to show the use and effect of steel pipes. Now there are many people on TikTok who are doing this kind of promotion. First, they will explain the product, if the video becomes popular, and start the live broadcast. This method is easier to get recommendations from the platform, and now the platform also likes this kind of thing, so we should develop towards this. Attracting the audience through real-person explanations, and then displaying product features by wearing the product and live broadcasting, can allow the audience to understand the product more intuitively, and also help to increase the popularity of the work. Moreover, this method is also in line with the development trend of the platform, and may be recommended by the platform, which will help to obtain more traffic and exposure. Of course, the specific situation needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation, and not every method can be applied to everyone.
2. Long videos, such as YouTube and Rumble. You can introduce your products' functions, and use cases and answer some questions. You can create multiple Youtube channels, and post different video to shown your products. In this way, when people search for this kind of product, they have a high chance of seeing your product.
3. SNS, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., can publish some text and pictures related to products to find suitable audiences.
4. Forums, find some forums that are suitable for your products, post a thread introducing your product, and find users that need this kind of product and communicate with them.
5. Blog articles. Writing articles takes a lot of time and the effect is slow. It takes two or three months to see the effect. But it has the advantage of long duration, the article can attract traffic even after 5 years.
There are other online marketing platforms, using multiple accounts and posting great content, then you will get more traffic and make more money.

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