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multi account traffic
I have actually been researching this promotion recently, and I think that using a residential IP or a socks5 node agent to maintain a fixed account and cultivate an individual personality for the account is very effective, because if a residential IP or a static residential IP of a socks5 node is used, The IP address is fixed, so it is very suitable for raising an account. The purpose of our promotion is to attract traffic and add followers, and finally reach a deal. After your individual personality is set up, your account will be more convincing or say Is it more attractive, just like a star, isn't that the truth?
If you do marketing, you will have people come over, right? After someone comes over, then your sales are done. Because there are fans, right? This is an era of effect of Traffic Economy. So you should regard yourself as an expert or an opinion leader, not just as a promoter, because it is better to regard yourself as an IP, a capable expert individual personality. In this way, I attracted many fans to come and add me. Based on my own understanding of this e-commerce, it may still be better than ordinary people. So I'm mostly doing some video or audio operations and work in this area.
Then after doing these tasks, I found that my traffic will be more, that is, more and more fans, it is actually a process of accumulation of professional knowledge, that is to say, when you do promotion, it is usually best to Accumulate more experience in this area. For example, if you make this credit card, do you have to accumulate all aspects of the content of the credit card, deliver this audio article and video to your readers, and then leave a tail behind, right? If these people want to get any information, they need to add you on WeChat, so the promotion effect is better. For platforms, you can usually accumulate a little more, isn’t it like Himalaya, Douyin, right? You can post on these platforms. I don’t think it’s very difficult. The main thing is that everyone insists on doing it, that is, what they do every day , how to make this thing is more important, I still stick to this sentence, if you stick to it and add the right method, you will succeed.
If you want to attract traffic for any project, the most important thing is the individual personality. Because after you have fans, you can sell everything, and you can sell it for a long time, right? You can't say that if you sell something for three or two days, you won't sell it. You can sell it for a long time. There is also a price we sell as slightly higher as possible. For example, for products with a high unit price of hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, and thousands of dollars, not to mention the kind of things that cost only a few tens of dollars, you can't make much money even if you are exhausted. In fact, I think it is still necessary to insist on doing traffic every day. Then I suggest that in the early stage of distribution, if you don’t have a company, you can do some traffic and projects by yourself. Any project is fine. As long as you do projects like this, you will have income every month. I can guarantee a minimum of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a month, which is definitely there. As long as you follow my method, in fact, any project only needs to be positioned at a few thousand yuan, 30,000 to 20,000 yuan a month, it is definitely possible.
If you want to form a team, you can also use three promoters and one salesman to match, which is more reasonable. Well, that’s all for today’s explanation. If you are interested in research, you can private message me. Thank you.

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