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Tue Feb 14 2023admin
multi account traffic
Hello everyone, today I will share with you a routine of using multiple accounts to drain traffic. In fact, we do it on many platforms. We usually publish some content and let others come to get the information. We call it information fans. For example, I publish some content, and then you come to ask for information, right? Then you add my contact information, usually in a private message, that is to say, we usually post some pictures or some small videos on the surface.
We will have many accounts, that is to say, there may be dozens or even hundreds of accounts. If there are too many accounts, you must use YiLu proxy, because after using YiLu proxy, your account login area can be effectively isolated, and you can Protect your account very well. Generally, one IP can log in at most 3 accounts, and we try to use the static IP extracted from YiLu proxy to log in to these accounts, so as to maintain the stability of the IP address for a long time, instead of using YiLuProxy The dynamic residential IP in it, otherwise your account IP will display abnormally, and then these accounts will publish this content, and after publishing, people can add people to ask you for this information, then your method is also suitable for other industries, for example, you You are making this acne-removing product, right? You can publish some content and invite fans to come over to get information, get some good ways to use this acne-removing product, or give some free gadgets, and then you post a few Zhang renderings, before and after comparison, don't be afraid that you will lose money if he actually receives it, I tell you that you will not lose money, if he really comes to claim it, in fact, he will forget about these people in a few days, you have to know You first publish these videos or pictures of this article and ask him to add them to get your stuff, and you say to get it for free. You need to know that these are accurate traffic.
Some people give money, some people don't give money, right? It doesn't matter? As long as it produces a certain amount of income, it will be fine, and he will forget it in a few days. Or you get a document and tell him that you want to share it with three groups, and if you share something, I will give you one for free, right? I won't get it now, will I? Then, there are actually certain routines for this. There must be certain routines and methods for drainage. Without methods and routines, you will definitely not be able to attract traffic.
Well, this method is actually also suitable for some other industries, not only online earning and entrepreneurship such as acne removal, but also for example, if you sell women’s clothing, then you can also use the same method, the same routine, you It is said that you can get a certain piece of clothing. The clothes are very beautiful, right? You can pick them up there, right? As for how this merchant operates, because I have never operated it.
But this way of thinking is also adaptable, because there will definitely be those who are greedy for cheap, and then filter and trade from the greedy for cheap. If you are interested, I have about 70 or 80 such publishing platforms here. If you don’t know which platform to post it on, you can read my notes, and you can ask me for it. Of course, if you want to learn this short video for drainage and promotion, you can pay for it. I don’t learn it for free.

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