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Tue Feb 14 2023admin
Online Marketing
The most important thing about network marketing is that it is simple and easy to implement. You only need to do two actions well. Of course, there is a third action, which is after-sales work. We made the first two movements extremely simple, and this is our way of marketing. Whether the person is willing to pay or not, we will continue to sell our services and programs to him. We put all our energy on marketing, regardless of whether the benefits are reasonable or not. Sometimes we also take the initiative to chat with potential customers to let them know about our services.
Because of marketing, we have traffic. All business comes from traffic. And customers can choose as they want because they have traffic. You can decide at any time whether to sell to a client or not. Therefore, having traffic is the key to business success. Just like celebrities go out and meet people or give speeches, they are also getting traffic, but their method is easier than others. So, like these celebrities, we should keep publishing audio, video and articles, so that we can get a lot of traffic. With traffic, there will be more business opportunities. No matter what you want to sell, you can earn thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. I got rich because I did things this way. You can also follow my method and create a project, no matter what project you want.
If you want to get more money, you can try to upload my voice and video to social platforms. Release multiple albums, release multiple audios every day, and create several accounts to release. If you can't create a real-name account, you can buy one. Then use the socks5 node to set the residential IP, so that one account corresponds to one residential IP, which can avoid the risk of being banned due to abnormal IP. The long-term stability of the residential IP can protect our account well, and the residential IP set up with Yilu proxy is faster and can improve work efficiency. When you publish enough content, people will naturally pay you. Because you are sharing your knowledge and experience, for those who gain something, they automatically pay you.
How to sell it depends on the threshold you set next. For example, you can set up a payment mechanism. You can learn skills such as drainage, marketing, software production, online production, etc., and then set up a training company or marketing company. As long as you have traffic, you can do any project.
If you follow my logic and do simple things repeatedly, you will eventually succeed. Otherwise, it becomes harder to succeed if you complicate things and take longer to realize the benefits. It's so easy that anyone can copy and paste it. Only by simplifying to this degree can you expand your project and achieve greater success. That's all for today's sharing, thank you all.

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