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Thu Feb 16 2023admin
Online Marketing
In order to get good results in online marketing, it is very important to choose the right method and platform. The first suggestion is to do some content that everyone can do, such as audio, video, and articles. Of course, it is also possible to do live broadcasts, but this requires a lot of energy and time.
Then there is persistence. Do it once a day, and then do it a second time. It is relatively simple, easy to operate, and can also be replicated. It is very effective for generating revenue, much better than other promotion methods. This method can improve rankings, attract fans, has high accuracy, has a large number of fans, and can be operated in batches. The premise is that you have to persist, and you need a large number of accounts to do it. We can use YiLuProxy and an anti-fingerprint browser to log in to our account, an account is matched with a residential IP and a virtual browser to prevent accounts from being associated and banned.
In addition, I would like to share a kind of traffic thinking with you. In fact, we are not short of traffic, anyone has enough traffic, but what we lack is a kind of traffic thinking. We need to control traffic in a more efficient way and use it to achieve our goals.
Traffic thinking refers to how to effectively control flow to achieve our goals. For example, if you are marketing soft articles, audio, video, and articles can all be used as carriers to help you showcase your products or services. On these platforms, you need to publish engaging content that makes people feel good, so that people will actively follow you or find your products. Flow thinking is not about posting advertisements, but about sharing valuable content so that everyone feels something has been gained.
We should allow readers to actually benefit from the content. If you do article marketing, you must write original articles. For example, if you are about to write in Blogger, you can write some drainage skills. In this way, your fans will be more accurate, because they will join your platform because of your content. This will save a lot of time and cost, and these fans will be very interested in your content or services. Therefore, in order to obtain more accurate traffic, it is necessary to write valuable content.
Through traffic thinking, your fans will be more accurate. For example, if you are a professional soft article marketer, then the articles you publish will be professional and accurate, so that your fans will join your platform because of your professional knowledge. In addition, if you are a professional skin expert, then the content you share should be about skin knowledge, so that everyone can benefit from it. That way, when people join your platform, they will ask you questions because they think you are an expert in your field. Therefore, to become an expert in the industry, you need to share valuable content so that everyone can benefit from it.
The purpose of traffic thinking is to help others and let them benefit from it. You can spread it on TikTok, Youtube, and other platforms through articles, videos, and audio. The correct way to think about traffic is that by sharing information, you let everyone take the initiative to join your platform, so as to get more guidance and help. For any product, traffic is gained through sharing.
Promotion is also a kind of thought. The essence of promotion is copying and pasting. You can copy someone else's title, change the title, and post it on a different platform. This process is handling, that is, copying and pasting. The purpose of promotion is to let more people know about your product and increase sales in this way.

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