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Mon Feb 13 2023admin
Online Marketing
If you have a shop or a project, what is the best status of the shop? Some people say that as long as they make money, they will continue to expand, collect people, increase accounts, increase residential IP or socks5 node proxy, and continue to expand like this. In fact, this idea is wrong. No matter how many static residential IPs you have for your account and socks5 nodes, Your energy is also limited. After all, you need members to manage them. You can get 10 accounts, or even 100 accounts, but can you get 1,000 accounts and 10,000 accounts? Not to mention whether the static IP proxy of the socks5 node can be obtained, but how many people will manage these accounts? Your energy can't keep up, so it's wrong. We have to change the way of thinking to operate.
What I suggest to everyone is that if your business or project business is very good, various catering, clothing, beauty, etc., or various industries such as e-commerce or training, right? Then you made an extreme state? In fact, for example, you are a team. You are now a team to do promotion and sales, is it after-sales for various personnel, but your monthly income is only 600,000 to 700,000, is it offset? What should we do at this time? If you want to break through, do you need to recruit more people? The idea of constantly recruiting people for promotion and sales is actually wrong, because it will add a cost to it, for example, it will be capped at 600,000 or 700,000 or 1 million or 2 million. But if you go horizontally, if you want to do it yourself, the chance of reaching 10 million is very small, and there is a certain degree of danger. Some bosses say that after working in catering for example, hundreds of thousands or millions a month, his way of thinking is actually wrong.
What mode should we go by this time? We should take the fission model, which is to recruit agents. Did you see that? How much do my dozen or twenty people make now? Did 500,000 or 700,000, right? You can also follow my way of thinking. You charge the franchise fee. Of course, your nature cannot be changed. You must actually make money. That is to say, the model of horizontal development and agency fission will be better than your own expansion .
My suggestion is that when your business develops horizontally, you can enter the agent recruitment mode. Then because people actually like to copy and paste, because they read something and copy it, because if they create something completely by themselves, it is easy to fail. So you tell him, I am successful in this thing, and you operate according to me. As for how to talk about it later, I think it is OK to operate whether to charge the franchise fee or not. For example, what Fat Brother means, now e-commerce companies Yes, how many stores I have opened, and now I have made a lot of money, right? You can also follow me to do the same operation as me, that is to say, I have created a new thing in front of the store, right? It is better to do this way of thinking. For example, if you have something good about yourself, then horizontal development is easier to achieve success.
Of course, you can’t say that your product or project itself doesn’t make money. You rely on the franchise fee to make money. It’s definitely not okay to cheat the franchise fee, because the premise is that your thing is a profitable project and a profitable thing. wrong? Then you have indeed produced some effects, and then you can develop horizontally, which is beneficial to everyone, otherwise it will become a project purely for investment promotion, which is meaningless.

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