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TikTok – Not Merely Video Sharing platform
TikTok is a video-sharing platform that permits you to produce and share dancing, singing, and lip-synching videos with a broad scale of people. With the support of celebrity promotions and global advertisements, TikTok has grown extremely prevalent application among people who want to display their unique charm. Similar to other social networks, a large pool of people use TikTok to reach the target audience. At present, it is also used to sell products and develop other kinds of business.

Troubles in TikTok Usage
Although being a user-friendly platform, TikTok has a few weaknesses in the process of usage.
For instance, people are refused to visit TikTok according to the rules of the local government, or TikTok official. Countries like Indonesia, Russia, India, and Korea blocked TikTok due to many factors.
Besides, TikTok platform has harsh rules, including limiting TikTok users from opening over three TikTok accounts with one device or the same email address, which discourages many businesses.
Last but not least, the issue of data security in TikTok can’t be underestimated. Personal security and privacy are always in the first place.

What Is TikTok unblock Proxy?
TikTok unblock proxy is an approach to take away the restrictions on access to TikTok. Actually, TikTok unblock proxy can help people deal with all kinds of restrictions. It ensures anonymity, increases the scraping rate, gets around platform restrictions, and enables users to access TikTok even from geo-restricted regions.
TikTok unblock proxy serves as an intermediate server between your device and the TikTok servers by offering you new IPs so that both the TikTok server and ISPs do not know your real IP addresses. Since your identity always keeps hidden, users get the chance to create multiple accounts with the same IP address.

Additional Benefits of the TikTok unblock Proxy
As we mentioned above, it is normal for people to face restrictions from logging into their TikTok accounts because of some rules and restrictions, like geographical blocks, inappropriate usage, IP bans, and illegal access. One of the most common benefits of TikTok unblock proxy is to help users overcome all these restrictions with high anonymity because it masks the users’ original IP addresses and make them appear like regular users from selected countries.

A. Scraping TikTok
A large number of people scrape TikTok for hashtags, titles, comments, emails, followers, and other valuable data. TikTok are frown at large-scale scraping. If do it blindly, your IP is likely to be regarded as suspicious and has the risk of being blacklisted. At this point, you’ll need a rotating TikTok proxy or a premium scraping API to complete your scraping task securely.

B. Multiple TikTok Account Management
Almost all social media platforms are strict about the figure of accounts you set up from a single IP address, TikTok is no exception. And in this case, if you want to beyond the restriction, you’ll need a TikTok proxy and an anti fingerprint browser. The former is used to conceal your IP address, and the latter is used to simulate your digital fingerprint.
If you fail to do this, TikTok will certainly prevent your IP address from accessing the application right away because it can easily detect when you shift your location. What’s more, the platform can even recognize if you’re using an actual device or emulator. Therefore, you had better not risk losing your accounts because the loss may outweigh the gain.

C. TikTok Automation
Another benefit of TikTok proxies is to help you expand the popularity of your content. Specifically, it will be an easy task to boost the views and traffic of the video through multiple accounts of different locations with the help of the TikTok proxy.

Why Choose Yilu proxy for unblocking TikTok?

A. Various Types – An excellent proxy provider are supposed to supply a proxy of diverse types to meet the user’s demands. Yilu proxy provides data center proxies, residential proxies, and static proxies. We own over 90 million residential proxies with a pure and stable proxy pool that erases the worry of accessing TikTok.

B. Unlimited Bandwidth – Proxies of Yilu proxy have high and unlimited bandwidth that helps users access data from various sources without worrying about any delays. More importantly, unlimited bandwidth is available for any type of IP.

C. High Uptime – Yilu proxy functions throughout the year. It guarantees up to 99.99% uptime during the usage period.

D. Global coverage – We provide proxies from more than 200 countries. There are also proxies for different protocols, including HTTP proxies, HTTPS proxies, and Socks proxies.

E. Cheap – We offer high-bandwidth advanced proxies at sensible prices.

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