How to Create And Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
 SMM AccountMost social media platforms don’t allow one user to operate multiple accounts, but sometimes, we need to use multi-account to promote products. What can we do? Just use YiLuProxy and Lalicat multilogin browser, and you can easily register and manage multiple social media accounts.
Here are registering steps for Pinterest and VK
1. PinterestSigning up for Pinterest is easy, you can log in directly with your Google account or Facebook account, or you can log in directly with your Google mailbox. After logging in, you need to fill in your information. Note that Pinterest will ask you to confirm your email address, whether you log in directly with a Google account or a Facebook account, you will need to confirm your email address. When filling in the age information, be careful not to fill in too young age, at least 18 years old or over, otherwise Pinterest will not allow you to register.
In the Pinterest account settings, you need to pay attention to setting your name. If your account is a profile, you can use your personal name; if your account is a business profile, you can use a brand name. Pinterest is a great place to start branding. It is recommended to use a brand name or brand logo as the username, and use a simple and realistic picture as the avatar. If your account is dedicated to promoting your brand, you can use your brand logo or product image as your avatar. In "About You", you need to fill in your brand introduction and add your store link in it to convert traffic to your store or website.
In the Pinterest interface, there are many images with external links. Some images are paid ads, which means that someone paid to have them appear in front of you. Pinterest will collect your preferences based on the picture information you usually collect and follow, and push pictures and advertisements to you, helping you find search habits and generate purchasing inspiration.
2. VKVK is a social media platform in Russia. Registering a VK account is very simple. We can open another browser and see how to register an account. For example, when registering an account on the VK website, you need to fill in your email address, mobile phone number, or name. However, don't think that you just need to fill in your email address, because after you register through your email address, it will immediately ask you to fill in your mobile phone number. This is the registration interface, very simple, nothing complicated. If you want to register, just prepare a mobile phone number and an email address.
The VK account setting is also very simple, and there is nothing special to pay attention to. For example, when registering, you need to fill in your email address and mobile phone number, and you need to pass the mobile phone number verification. Except that friends are not open to the public, other settings can be open. For example, in privacy settings, such as who can see my account information, who can see my list of favorite photos, and who can see my non-public friends. We need to protect this information, so we can set all activities to be public. There is also some other information here, such as a link to the home page. You can change the home page link to your own website. In the contact information, you can fill in your mobile phone number. In the column of interests and hobbies, you can fill in some interests and hobbies.
For account registration on other social media platforms, I won't list them one by one here. Most of them need an email address, mobile phone number, password, date of birth, gender, and other information to register.

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