Influencer Marketing 3 Some Anti-fraud Tips

Tue Feb 14 2023admin
social media marketing anti-fraud tips
For example, someone posts a Youtube link saying it's his channel, but how can you be sure it's really his Youtube channel? You can open the link, and if you see his name and other social media contacts in there, you can be sure that this is his Youtube channel. You can find his VK or Instagram account after go to his VK page, and see if he agrees with you adding him as a VK friend and chat with hime after his bypass.
The same steps can be also done on Instagram or other social media. As long as he respones you, you can be sure the person is real. If you find his Youtube channel page and other social media with confirmation as above steps, then you should not hesitate his account.
For this kind of person, he wants to get more free stuff or more marketing opportunities, but he will not easily cooperate with you through private messages, because it will expose his real information. We can leave a message on VK and expose some of the messages he sent you via DM, which they don't usually do. If you see a brand on AliExpress, they are actively doing influencer marketing, and they have accumulated 500 friends, they probably did it without much effort.
The most important factor is accumulation. Your videos or posts may be seen by many people, so it also has a cumulative effect. If influencers promote our products on Instagram or VK, we can get more traffic. The more times your product is exposed in many places, the easier it is to succeed and get more people recognition.
You should treat these tasks as must-dos every month. For example, how many Internet celebrities do we need to cooperate with each month and make friends on AliExpress? You should regard these tasks as must-dos. Completed. If you persist in doing these tasks for a long time, eventually you will accumulate huge traffic.
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