8 Mistakes in Amazon Advertising

Thu Feb 16 2023admin
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Amazon advertising can be regarded as an important and difficult point in the operation. Its related content is relatively complicated and very diverse. The entire Amazon advertising system is actually constantly improving and improving. We have been sharing and updating the relevant knowledge points and specific methods of advertising in this article, video, and audio. Today, I will share the 8 common mistakes that you have communicated with us most recently in the comments of this official account. You can also immediately check the numbers and quickly adjust your advertising ideas.
1. Advertising structure setting. This mainly means that when you set up an advertising campaign, you must be clear about which advertising forms should be included in your advertising campaign and what goals are to be achieved. Generally speaking, a complete advertising campaign should include the following six types, and you can compare and adjust by yourself. The six types are word extension advertising campaigns, target keyword advertising campaigns, product display advertising campaigns, brand display advertising campaigns, advertising campaigns to protect your own brand name, and related advertising campaigns to increase the relevance of listings in the early stages of listing. .
2. When testing the position bidding effect, the adjustment rate for each series is done too high. It is recommended that you do not adjust more than 25% to 30% each time. Too large adjustments will easily cause unnecessary costs.
3. Product positioning advertisement. Product positioning ads are very helpful for the effective exposure of listings. After we choose the appropriate competing product a C, we pay attention to the number of competing products a C placed. There should be no more than 30 ACs in each ad group in a product-targeted advertisement, and you can replace the CPC keyword with a high single-click bid with the target AC. When launching according to the category, you need to do a conditional filter. For example, we set A specific star rating or price range.
4. When placing a product-targeted advertisement, there is no bidding for other products of our own. Here we must remember to bid for other products of our own, so as to form a cross-selling within our own products. Here you will need to use the buyer account you cultivated. You must pay attention that these buyer accounts must not be related to each other. IP protection must be done well. It is recommended that you use YiLu Proxy. YiLu is a mature proxy provider. The static IPs are very stable, which are very good for us to maintain accounts.
5. The matching form in the advertising campaign is relatively complicated. We recommend that each advertising campaign set a separate keyword-matching form. Otherwise, there will be many irrelevant search terms in the advertising report. The main purpose is to facilitate the organization of advertising data, Of course, you can also handle it according to your own habits.
6. There is no browsing targeting for re-marketing in the brand display ads. We must set the audience advertising mode in the brand display ads. Especially in some peak sales seasons, the current advertising targeting for the Amazon product audience is very effective. Yes, more exposure.
7. Did not make good use of Portfolio, which is the best way to view the performance data of a specific ASIN (or the same advertising campaign) separately. It is very convenient to organize the data brought by a specific ad-matching form. The last mistake is the abuse of precision Negative mode, I believe you may often find this. We should use this precise negative mode with caution in actual operations, and try to use it only in broad and phrase-matched advertising campaigns.
8. Abuse of precise negative mode, the precise negative mode should be used with caution, try to use it in broad and phrase-match advertising campaigns.

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