Amazon Long-term Storage Fees and Slow-Moving Inventory

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This article will share with you how to check Amazon long-term storage fees and how to deal with a slow-moving inventory. good. First, let's learn how to query the details of long-term storage fees. Amazon's definition of long-term storage fees is that if a slow-moving inventory has been stored in the FBA warehouse for more than 12 months, then when Amazon's warehouse takes inventory on the 15th of every month, it will charge a certain amount for each item of this product storage fees, the minimum storage fee per item is $0.15. The size standard it applies to is the cubic foot long-term storage fee or the long-term storage fee per unit, whichever is greater.
Then we can download the report to quickly check which SKUs in the store have incurred this long-term storage fee. If we have found that some products have incurred long-term storage costs. Then this product actually becomes a slow-moving inventory, so how do we get rid of it? Let's share a treatment method for this slow-moving inventory. It is mainly divided into three major parts to share with you.
1. As a preventive work for some best-selling products, we need to make good use of overseas warehouses. For sellers who have been operating stably, we can use appropriate overseas warehouse resources during peak seasons. FBA inventory is arranged for 30 to 45 days of inventory, and the rest will be shipped to a batch in overseas warehouses to reduce this best-selling product. It is not because of the sales that it becomes slow-moving inventory and cannot be processed. In the end, it can only be temperamental or donated. This probability reduces losses.
2. For this part of the product that has been stored for more than 90 days. For this product, we need to increase the intensity of the promotion. Generally, we can increase it to more than 50% discount coupons, start a gift, and then start advertising promotions at the same time. The third aspect is mainly aimed at this part of the real unsalable products. It is recommended that everyone should stop losses in time. If under the premise that you have tried all the available operating methods, this product still does not have an order or says that there are very few orders, finally it becomes this kind of unsaleable product. At this time, we must calmly face the reality of product selection failure. To stop losses in time, we have to sum up experience and lessons, and devote our energy to the next stage of work.
The method of handling here can refer to the following four points. The first point is that we must be good at using Amazon's slow-moving inventory removal discount. Amazon will launch a free service for sellers to remove slow-moving inventory from time to time. You should always pay attention to us. Seller's background. The second point is that this product can be moved to other platforms or simply destroyed directly. If we have tried many promotion methods, but this product is still stuck in the warehouse. Then we can calculate the approximate cost of this batch of goods. Either if the overall cost of this product is not very high, we will destroy it directly or we can remove it to other platforms for sale. Before doing this part of the operation, be sure to calculate the specific cost. This fee is actually quite a lot. For this part of the fee, you can check the latest official price announcement.
3. Participate in this logistics donation program by Amazon. For sellers who participate in this FBA donation program, Amazon can donate their eligible products and inventory to charity. It is equivalent to doing a charity. Currently, it is only applicable to the Amazon US station. This plan does not charge additional fees for contacting US welfare agencies, but in fact, it still needs to pay a normal disposal fee. If you must donate to charity in the end, you can also use the US static IP in the YiLu Proxy to change the location of your store to achieve this purpose. But it's still not recommended to do it frequently. Changing the store address will also have a certain impact on subsequent product selection.
The last point is an offline acquisition. Then we have some offline service providers who specialize in this kind of acquisition business. You can try to find and contact them, but you have to make psychological preparations in advance. I have also contacted them and the prices they offered are very low, sometimes low, which is quite unacceptable. Then we learn how to check Amazon's long-term storage fees and how to deal with a slow-moving inventory. In fact, we can see that a failed product selection will bring us financial resources and human resources. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to product selection and product creation. We would rather invest more time and energy in the early stage than rush into the product, and then spend more time in the aftermath.

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