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Today I want to discuss some Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) tips for sellers. Everyone knows that for Amazon sellers, using FBA has become necessary. If you want to operate on Amazon, you almost must use FBA. Just like when logging in to Amazon, we must use the YiLu Socks5 Proxy residential IP. Therefore, it is very necessary to use IBA (International Business Account) self-shipping. Here, what are the tips, or what precautions? One way is to match the logistics method when the IBA ships. This is very important for every seller. For example, suppose you have 1000 products today, do you want to send all 1000 products at once? Or you can divide these 1000 products into several batches as much as possible, and use the express company to deliver the goods, or use air freight. Sometimes the freight forwarder will call air freight or special line logistics, and sea freight. Combine these three methods stand up.
Why this combination? After combining, we can not only guarantee the timeliness of product arrival, but also reduce our logistics costs. Reducing costs means increasing profit margins, so this is very necessary. In this way, we not only reduce costs, but also increase our profit margins while increasing our competitiveness against the competition.
That's about the IBA in general. In addition to reducing costs, increasing profit margins, and enhancing competitiveness through the combination of logistics methods, there is another way to adopt the FBA Small and Light Program. If your product is low-priced (under $15), lightweight, and small, the light and small plan are adopted, although it is slightly slower than ordinary IBA shipments (about two days slower), but it is acceptable to most customers. And our products will still carry the Prime logo. In addition, the Small and Light program rates are much lower than normal FBA rates, which allows us to save a lot of money. These charges can translate into our own profits, or improve our advantage over the competition.
Here are some Amazon FBA tips. In addition to the matching of logistics methods and the adoption of light and small plans, there is another operation that we can use or even need to pay attention to during the FBA delivery process: warehouse division and warehouse consolidation. If you often use the Amazon background, you will know that in the FBA setting, the system defaults to the way of warehouse division. Why is it divided into warehouses by default? Because the sales area of the product is not fixed, that is to say, it will be sold in various parts of the whole country. But Amazon will identify the sales of this product on the East Coast, West Coast, and Central China based on its own sales history and big data analysis, and distribute your items to the corresponding warehouses in these places in proportion to the quantity.
This distribution method is good for Amazon because it can ship to consumers from the nearest warehouse, which can deliver goods more quickly and also cost less to ship. However, for sellers, sometimes it can be very unfavorable. For example, if the seller only has 30 kilograms of goods, and Amazon divides it into three warehouses for delivery, then the shipping cost will become very high, and there may even be a difference of several hundred dollars. This means that sellers will pay higher shipping costs for unnecessary reasons, which is a situation that sellers do not want to see.
In this case, if your goods are divided into multiple warehouses, a certain fee will be incurred. In order to avoid this situation, you can choose to combine warehouses, that is, to collect all goods in one warehouse for delivery. Amazon allows us to use the combined position function. Combining warehouses can solve the problem of high freight costs caused by distributing 30 kilograms of goods to three warehouses for delivery, but you need to pay attention to that Amazon will charge for combining warehouses. You can check the specific warehouse closing fees in the Amazon background, and calculate the fees based on the weight and size of your products. As a seller, you need to compare the cost of splitting and closing positions to see which is more cost-effective. This way you can save costs. Of course, as smart Chinese people, we are not willing to spend this money.
In order to avoid the high cost of sub-warehousing, the sellers came up with another method: fill in the quantity originally planned to send 100 as 300, so that there will be a shipment of goods close to 100. In this way, the warehouse can be divided, and at the same time, the complete goods can be satisfied. But this practice is explicitly prohibited by Amazon and should only be used once in a while. If you use it multiple times in a row, Amazon may issue a warning, prohibiting you from using AB to the warehouse or creating an AB shipping plan for a period of time. So this is just a suggestion, and the specific use needs to be considered in the actual situation.
Here is a suggestion, under normal circumstances, Amazon will allocate a warehouse for you when your account has posted 10 items. This warehouse is usually the ONT8 warehouse located in Dallas in the middle of the United States. This is because ONT8 is one of Amazon's larger warehouses, located in Dallas, which facilitates Amazon's distribution of goods to warehouses in different regions and places the goods closer to consumers. This is the usual way Amazon does it.
Here are some tips on how to split and close positions. Sometimes we run into a situation when shipping where we ship by sea to either the East or West coasts, but we create multiple shipping plans that never work out and always get sent to another location. This can add to the shipping cost as ocean freight charges can vary widely between different seaports and destinations. In this case, what should we do? We recommend that you try setting the ship-from address to your desired destination, such as Los Angeles. In this way, the system may allocate your goods to the warehouse in Los Angeles according to your shipping address and principle. In this way, we can reduce the additional costs caused by our improper warehouse division. It should be noted that this method of changing the delivery address does not violate the rules of the Amazon platform.
When generating the outgoing label, please pay attention to the outgoing label and the courier number. Amazon identifies the shipment by identifying the outgoing label, and doesn't care what tracking number or shipping method you use. Therefore, special care must be taken when filling out the outgoing label. Also, please note that the weight of a single box per box cannot exceed 50 lbs.
In terms of size, there are also some requirements. The specific size requirements can be queried in the background of IB. I don't know the specific size value. Here are some considerations we have regarding product labels and outward labels when shipping. In addition, sometimes we may operate multiple accounts at the same time. For example, I have three accounts to ship today, but the three generated waybills are assigned to the same warehouse. In this case, it is recommended that you adopt this method: if the place of origin, the place of receipt, and the receiving warehouse are the same, you can send these goods as one ticket. In this way, as long as there is no problem with the labeling of your outer carton, your goods can be sent to the warehouse. After the goods are signed for by the warehouse, they will scan the merchant's goods according to the outer box label, and will not pursue your tracking number.
For example, the tracking number is not important to Amazon. Of course, a tracking number may also be useful. For example, if Amazon signs for the goods after you ship them, but the goods are lost or mixed up, or under-delivered, in this case, you may need to provide the tracking number, because it includes information such as the number of boxes and weight, so that Check with Amazon's warehouse and ask them for reimbursement. However, this situation is very rare, so don't worry too much.

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