Amazon Add-on Item

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amazon add-on item
In order to allow consumers to find products or find the products they want from a wide range of products, Amazon will have several different labels posted on the product search page and detail page, such as Best Seller, such as Amazon Choice. But there is a label that sellers and buyers both dislike, it is Amazon Add-on Item.
1. What is Amazon Add-on Item?
It is actually an exclusive label for low-priced products, and it is shipped by FBA. The reason why sellers are worried about their products being marked with this label is that the product with this label requires a total amount (including Add-on products) of more than $25 to be shipped for free.
In other words, buyers need to purchase over $25 to get free shipping. For many consumers, why should they be limited by this label when they have more choices?
The origin of this label is Amazon's system accounting. This type of product generates very little profit for Amazon, and the delivery cost is already higher than the profit. In order to increase its profit margin, Amazon has set such a limit on this type of product.
2.What harm would there be with an Add-on Item?
First of all, of course, the traffic will decrease, because Amazon is a platform that values conversion rate very much. With this label, once consumers come in and see that they need to make up $25 to get free shipping, even if they are Prime members, their interest will definitely drop. , sales will definitely drop.
Another situation is that when the seller asks someone to comment on it, the buyer is almost unwilling to accept it. Because in addition to buying this product, consumers have to spend their own money to buy other things, which makes them feel that it is not worthwhile, and they don't want to participate in it.
3. Under what situations will the product be marked?
In fact, if you look at Amazon's definition of this label, you will know that when the price of a product is set too low, the system will automatically add the product to the Add-on Item project. This is also a point that distresses many sellers. I can't attract customers without low prices, but I may be added to this label if I have low prices.
4. How to avoid being added to Add-on Items?
The easiest way to increase the price. But don't increase too much at once, increase slowly, generally increase to more than 10 US dollars. After making a few orders through friends, when natural orders are generated, if you want to be more competitive, then slowly lower the price. At this time, the Add-on Item will generally no longer follow.
Join the Amazon Small and Light program. This program is a shipping solution for fast-moving, small, and light items priced under $15. Fulfillment fees per unit are generally lower than similar standard FBA fulfillment fees. And the product will not display the Add-on item mark! But now there are new conditions for joining this plan. Simply put, the product needs to be lighter and cheaper. Sellers can read more about the relevant new regulations.
Convert FBA products to self-fulfillment. When your product is marked with Add-on Item, and it is sent to FBA inventory, we can convert the product into self-delivery, and then remove this mark. After the order is issued and then transferred to FBA for delivery, this mark will not appear.

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