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Today, we will discuss some tips on how to use IB shipping cleverly in the Amazon operation process. As we all know, increasing account weight is very helpful to boost transaction volume. To achieve this, log in to the Amazon account through a residential IP set by the socks5 node. A stable residential IP can effectively increase the account's weight, which is bound to increase a certain amount of transaction volume.
In terms of delivery, we know that Amazon often encounters the situation of splitting warehouses, especially for new sellers. This can often disrupt the shipping schedule. For example, you may plan to ship 30 kg today, and the freight company may quote $30 per kg, bringing the total cost to $900. But when you generate the shipping plan, you may find that it has become three pieces, weighing 12kg, 7kg, and 11kg. If you ask the freight company the cost of transporting the three shipments, you may find that the freight structure has changed a lot because it is shipped to different addresses. The freight may increase by 1/3, and the shipping fee per kilogram becomes $40. This means that you have paid an extra $300. So, how can we solve this issue?
There are several options available. The first method complies with Amazon's platform rules. You can adjust the settings of split and close positions. For example, if there is an extra $300, you can close the position, and the closing fee is only $100. You can also choose to combine warehouses and send 30 kilograms of goods in one warehouse. You only need to pay about $100 more to solve the problem.
Sometimes, some sellers are not willing to pay even an extra $100, or the product is small, with each item weighing only 0.3 kg, but the shipping fee is $0.3, making the calculated total cost very high. In such cases, there is a non-standard way to solve the problem. For example, if you planned to ship 100 items, you can abandon the previous shipping plan and generate a new one.
When you generate a shipping plan for 300 products, the distribution of 300 products will still be divided according to an approximately balanced ratio. It may be divided into one 105, one 120, and one vote for the rest. In this case, you can compare and find a delivery plan that is close to the quantity you want to deliver. You can choose to send only 1/3, that is, only one of the three delivery plans, so that the quantity shipped may be close to the quantity you want to ship. You can temporarily not send the other two plans, delete them, or choose not to deliver them temporarily.
Strictly speaking, this approach disrupts Amazon's shipping schedule. Amazon's warehouse division is meant to help products arrive at different locations. For example, there may be one vote for the US East, one vote for the US China, and one vote for the West US. But if you only sent one ticket for West America, and not the other two tickets, when a customer places an order, Amazon has no way to refuse to ship to the customer. In this case, Amazon can only choose to send one piece of goods from the west of the United States to the east of the United States, affecting the timeliness of receiving goods and increasing logistics costs. So, Amazon does not recommend this. However, you can use it once or twice once in a while, but not every time. If you use it three times in a row, you may receive a warning from the Amazon system, prohibiting you from reissuing IB's warehouse within a week, and there may even be more severe measures. So, I hope everyone can refer to this situation.
In this case, if you want your goods to be sent to a specific location, you can try to find a qualified freight forwarder or intermediary who can help you arrange the delivery of the goods to the specified location, of course, the premise is that your product Comply with the storage requirements of the warehouse. This is one way to solve the cargo storage problem. If you want your goods to be sent to a specific location, you can try to find a qualified freight forwarder or intermediary to help you arrange the transportation of your goods.
The second situation is that we can try to adjust the delivery address by ourselves. Normally, our shipping address is set in China. However, we can adjust the shipping address to be in the United States. For example, if you want to ship the goods to the warehouse in Los Angeles, then you can try setting the shipping address in Los Angeles. It is possible that the system will send the goods to the closer destination warehouse due to the short distance between the place of shipment and the destination warehouse. This will achieve our goal. Of course, some sellers will worry that doing so is against Amazon’s rules. However, in fact, Amazon does not care about this, because in the process of Amazon's operation, they have established many warehouses in the United States, so this delivery method is very natural. In addition, when Amazon handles the FB warehousing process, it does not review the seller's conditions, but only scans the seller based on the outward label of the product. So, Amazon doesn't care if the item is shipped from China or the US, as long as the item is in the correct quantity. This is also a point that we can take advantage of in the shipping process.
When shipping with IB, we sometimes run into situations where our warehouses run out of capacity. For example, for a new account, the expansion limit is 5000 standard products and 500 oversized products. Suppose you are a seller and you sell oversized products, then maybe 500 is not enough. In this case, it is suggested that the seller can contact Amazon's customer service, explain the situation to the customer service and ask for help.
As a seller who only sells large factory items, I don't need small items, but the 500 expansion is not enough for my large items. Hope you can provide me with more expansion. Usually, Amazon's customer service will give appropriate expansion after review. This solves the problem of insufficient expansion. But if Amazon customer service tells you that they can't provide you with more capacity, are we just indifferent? Actually not. If you need more capacity, for example, you want to send a container, but there are 1200 items in the container, and your warehouse capacity is only 500, then we need to try to find an intermediary to help us solve the problem.
Yes, there is indeed an intermediary on the market that can provide such a service for us, but it charges a certain fee to increase our capacity, which also achieves our goal. Well, these are some tips in the process of our Amazon IB delivery process. I hope that for new sellers and small sellers, I can provide you with some help, so that we can avoid detours and go longer on the road of operation. quick.”

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