Image Optimization for Amazon Listings

Fri Feb 17 2023admin
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The socks5 node configures the residential IP extracted from the Yilu proxy and maintains the stability of the residential IP to maintain the number, and optimizes the content of the title in the optimization of the Amazon product listing.
Optimizing product titles and images is crucial for success in online selling. Product titles should include relevant keywords and descriptive phrases, along with positive modifiers such as "premium" or "upgrade" to create a favorable impression. These elements combine to create an aesthetically pleasing title that acts as an anchor for consumers, attracting them to your product.
Product images are also key to attracting customers and helping them to visualize the product. Since consumers cannot experience products in person when shopping online, the product images must help them understand and accept the product through imagination.
A product title's keywords attract customers and display search results, while images attract customers to click on the listing and understand the product intuitively. The headlines play an important role in helping consumers decide to purchase. Poor quality images can deter customers from buying a product. Therefore, optimizing both titles and images is essential.
Product images should be optimized by considering the main and auxiliary images separately. The main image, which is displayed on the first page of search results, is as important as the product title. Amazon requires real product images on a pure white background, but competitors' practices can be referenced when white products cannot be reflected. The proportion of the product in the picture must be about 85%, as it should neither be too big nor too small. The pixels of the image should be 500x500, and a maximum of 1000x1000 pixels to avoid slow opening.
When taking product pictures, a certain angle, such as 45 degrees or 60 degrees, should be used to make the picture look more three-dimensional. Horizontal and vertical pictures are not attractive. Outsourced art studios are a good option for high-quality product pictures, but they must be provided with a series of picture suggestions. Competitors can be studied to find a complete set of your own ideas for image optimization.
For the 6 supplementary pictures, the processing of auxiliary images is critical. These images should showcase the product's features and benefits, and the background can be a natural setting or a complementary color. The size of the image should be consistent with the main image.
In summary, optimizing product titles and images is essential for success in online selling. By including relevant keywords and positive modifiers in the title and creating high-quality images, consumers can be attracted to your product and make informed purchase decisions.
If you designed the product packaging yourself, I recommend adding an image of the product packaging to your gallery. This can show how serious you are about the product and how it feels. However, not all product packaging images fit within the entire collection. If your product packaging is packed in bubble bags, I suggest not to put pictures of the packaging. When taking pictures, it should be able to reflect the texture of the product and at the same time highlight the characteristics of the product. In addition, text can be inserted appropriately in the picture set to remind consumers to understand the characteristics of the product.

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