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Today we will learn how to register an Amazon store and the common problems during the registration process. Because the US site is currently the site that everyone does the most. Let's take the US site as an example today. Amazon's US site sellers are divided into two types: individuals and companies. From the perspective of future development and platform support, it is currently not suitable for individual sellers to settle in, and it is relatively simple for individuals to settle in. So here I will only introduce how to register as a company seller.
1. We need to know what information to prepare when registering. The first is that the credit card should prepare a dual-currency credit card that can pay in US dollars, such as Visa or MasterCard. So what is this card used for? It can be used to deduct Amazon's monthly rent, logistics, and storage costs, advertising costs, etc. Amazon does not emphasize that it is necessary to apply for this credit card under the name of a legal person, but tries not to make frequent changes after uploading. In this case, it is possible to trigger the second trial.
2. To prepare is that the computer and IP of Amazon seller accounts have not been registered. Amazon strictly prohibits one person from registering multiple seller accounts. If the connection is found, your account will be banned. So remember, you must prepare a clean computer and IP before registration, and you can't be careless in the later operation process. In Amazon's account closure, the association is the biggest crime, and the appeal rate is the lowest, so everyone must be vigilant. Some friends may think that it would be wasteful to buy a separate computer or pull a single network cable. In this case, YiLu Proxy can help you solve this problem very well. Just choose the static IP of the home in YiLuProxy. According to the country of your store, for example, if you choose the US station, then you can use The American family residence IP in YiLu Proxy is equivalent to establishing a new computer and IP. However, it should be noted that this account must be used for subsequent logins, and this IP address cannot be changed frequently.
3. An ID card. This requirement is relatively simple. The most important thing is that the name must be consistent with the legal person on the business license. The other requirement is that the ID card must be issued by mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan within the validity period. In addition, a color scan is required, and the picture must be complete, clear, and readable.
4. That needs to be prepared is the business license. The license that Chinese sellers need to provide must be issued by mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Like the ID card, it must be scanned in color, and the pictures must be complete, clear, and readable. In addition, there is a limit of 60 days for the mainland and 45 days for Hong Kong. In the previous program, we talked about that if the company has abnormal operations and other bad conditions, it may affect your Amazon account, so try to ensure the safety of your company.
5. USD Receiving account. Currently available payment methods in the market, the more mainstream ones are Payoneer, which is what we often call P cards, WorldFirst, which is wf cards, and PingPong, etc. They are slightly different in function and cost, but Everyone can choose the one that suits them according to their actual needs. If your subsequent business develops well, you can bargain with the corresponding manager, and sometimes you can reduce a part of the cost. After we understand the information that needs to be prepared, let's talk about how to register.
There are generally two types of registration methods, one is registration by yourself, and the other is registration through the channel of opening a global store. Among them, the main body of the global store opening channel must be a company. For self-registration, a company or an individual can be used. First of all, let's clarify the differences and advantages and disadvantages of these two methods. We often hear that the investment manager serves the global store opening channel. The account security of this registration method is higher. The official statistics show that the store closure rate is less than 9%. The investment manager will give some support during the registration process. Although the managers are busy and reply slowly, they will eventually be of some guiding significance. In the later stage of operation, you can also apply for some spikes through the investment manager, as well as some basic official training. Compared with self-registration, the security is much lower. According to official statistics, the store closure rate is greater than 56%, there is no personnel support, and you cannot apply for some flash sales activities that need to go through the investment manager, and there is no training.
Then continue to answer other related credibility questions about registration.
1.Q: When will the platform start charging monthly fees after successful registration? Does it have anything to do with whether the product is on the shelves? If the operation has not officially started, can the expenses during this period be refunded?A: If you register successfully, regardless of whether the product is on the shelves, the platform will immediately deduct the monthly rental fee. The US is $39.99, and the cost of other sites is similar. If there is no operation in a short period of time, you can open a case to apply for a refund of your monthly rent. Generally, it will be successful.
2.Q: After the account registration is successful, do I need to immediately register the brand in the country where I am located? Or at what stage is it better to register a brand? Is there any subsidy?A: If you are clear about your store's vertical products and follow the brand boutique route, you can register a trademark immediately. If you don't have a clear positioning for the current product, but just randomly select a good product for testing, then you can register after operating to a certain stage. At present, Amazon does not require sellers to do brand registration.
But Amazon has been promoting brand sellers, and brand registration has a protective effect on sellers. If economic conditions permit, completing the brand registration earlier will indeed help the subsequent operations. Of course, if you keep a good brand trademark, you can also resell it at a higher price later.
3.Q: Whether the product needs to be registered as a patent, and what are the benefits? What stage of registration is better depends on the situation of the product. If the product sells well and is profitable, you can register a patent when you want to increase the competition threshold. If it is a factory, it can directly register the patent when making the product. What are the benefits of registering a patent?A: The first is to prevent competitors from viciously competing with the product. The second is that if you have applied for an appearance patent, when you find that someone else is selling it on the platform, just like you, you can file an infringement complaint with the platform, so that the platform will remove the infringing product from the shelves. If it is very serious, the platform will close the store of the infringing merchant.
4.Q: After submitting the registration, will the registration result be notified by email? In addition, what preparations do I need to do while waiting for the results?A: The result of the registration will be notified by email. While you are waiting for the result, the main thing is to start the product selection work, and strive to have already selected a product when you come down from the store.
5.Q: Can a company registered by using a residential address be used to register with Amazon?A: This is possible, Amazon only requires you to have a real business license, and does not care where your company address is.
6.Q: An individual seller have opened a store and has not started selling things, or it will take a while to start, so will the platform charge fees or seal their accounts?A: As long as the store is open, the monthly rent fee will be charged. If you do not have illegal operations such as association, you will not be banned for not selling anything.
7.Q: Does the account registration have deadline in one year?A: The deadline for registering an account is just that there are more openings in the first half of each year, and the tightening in the second half of the year is generally to maintain sellers and prepare for forgetting, so the number of new account registrations will be reduced accordingly. Moreover, the service time of the investment manager is a natural year. If you register in the second half of the year, you will waste half a year of service time. Investment managers all have this investment target. If it is completed ahead of schedule, it may indeed stop in August or September.
8.Q: Do I need to prepare in advance to avoid the second trial?A: In fact, there is no way to completely avoid the second trial. When changing the credit card collection account number and company information, or when there is a problem with the information during the registration process, a related problem, or a complaint, it is possible to trigger a second trial. But if you have successfully registered and it is not triggered after a period of time, then you don't have to worry about it all the time. Even if it is triggered, you only need to provide relevant proof as required, usually the company's utility bills and legal person information.
9.Q: Whether my two companies will be linked if they open separate accounts at the same address? A: If the address is the same, it will definitely lead to an association. The tenth question is the name of the store. I didn't think about it in the early stage. Can I change it later? Does this affect the store? The name of the store can be changed without any impact. But try to plan the name or brand in advance, because when you edit the listing, you usually write the brand you want. If you just write it casually, you will have to change the brand of the listing in the future.
10.Q: Whether there is any limit on the double B credit card used for registration?There is no limit on this credit card.

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