Effective Amazon Advertising in 2023

Wed Feb 15 2023admin
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In the current Amazon markets, there is an increasing trend of seller competition. Therefore, we must protect our seller accounts, and don't get banned because of some small problems, such as abnormal account IP, we can use YiLu Proxy long-term dedicated static residential IP to avoid it. Of course, it needs to be blocked for a long period of time. It is only necessary to replace this residential IP. I believe anyone who follows Amazon news should have heard of it. In 2017, Amazon added more than 1 million new sellers. With a huge number of more than 1 million, the Amazon platform will be distributed in various industries and categories, which means that the competition in your category will be intensified.
In the fierce competition, in order to make itself appear in front of more consumers, Amazon provides advertising on its website. However, many people may have some misunderstandings about advertising or don't know how to use it. Therefore, in this lecture, we will briefly discuss this issue.
First of all, we need to understand that not all sellers and products are suitable or able to place in-site advertisements. Amazon advertisements are aimed at different categories of products. Most products can be placed with in-war ads, but there are also some categories that cannot be placed with in-war ads, such as adult products. Therefore, before placing advertisements, you need to determine whether your product is suitable for advertising and whether your category can be advertised.
After understanding this information, we also need to know that this product must have a shopping cart before placing in-site advertisements. On the Amazon platform, the probability of random distribution of shopping carts is high. Sometimes, lost carts can result from no sales or a drop in sales, or a drop in sales due to an increase in price. If there is no shopping cart, the product cannot be advertised on the site.
Of course, there are other factors that can affect the effectiveness of Amazon advertising. For example, if your product has not been reviewed, even if it is seen by consumers, it may not have a good effect due to the lack of product word-of-mouth support. If there is no review for a newly launched product, the conversion rate of advertising will not be very high.
Also, if your product has only a few reviews, and those reviews are all negative, then advertising is a waste of money. Therefore, we need to consider addressing these disadvantages before placing ads. These factors include the overall performance of the product, whether the self-built listing is well optimized, especially whether the main image is attractive, whether the product has enough reviews and a high average rating, and whether the price of the product is reasonable. Only if these factors are good should it be worth considering for advertising.
Here we are going to talk about Amazon advertising. It should be noted that even if the price of your product is very low, it is not recommended to advertise, because the cost of advertising will be relatively high, and the proportion of the entire selling price may be relatively large. In addition, it needs to be clear that Amazon advertisements are not equal to orders. Some buyers may have a misunderstanding, thinking that there will be orders after placing on-site advertisements, but this is not the case. On-site advertisements only serve to bring exposure and traffic, as evidenced by the exposure and clicks that can be seen in the advertising report.
Here, we discuss how to turn clicks into orders. This is the responsibility of the seller. Therefore, the seller should pay attention to the clear product description, well-optimized product page, moderate price, and good reviews. If these are not good, even if there is traffic, it is useless, it will only waste money. Therefore, when placing advertisements, we must remember that advertisements can only bring traffic, and conversion orders depend on our own efforts. Therefore, when selling things on Amazon, we should understand the psychology of consumers when shopping online. They like to shop by looking at pictures. Therefore, whether the product pictures are beautiful or not is very important, which determines the sales volume and favorable rate of the product. Therefore, product page optimization is very important.
Before we start placing Amazon ads, we need to analyze whether the product is worth advertising. If there is no preparation in the early stage, even if the advertisement is launched, it will not have any effect.

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