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Mon Feb 13 2023admin
If you don't want to invest too much money or too much energy in Amazon. So if you want to earn less, as a part-time job, you want to invest in a lower or even zero-cost investment, is there any other way? Then today we will share the feasible ways to start a business and make money relying on the Amazon platform, and give you an expansion of the above ideas.
Although there were 2.2 million sellers on the Amazon US platform in 2019, the number of actually active and operating stores was only 1.1 million, which means that 50% of the seller accounts on the platform did not actually participate in sales. The competition is not as fierce as everyone thought before. The number of sellers with annual sales between $100,000 and $1 million are 160,000, 840,000, and 18,000, respectively. We can draw a conclusion that 20.5% of the accounts currently operated by the platform have annual sales of more than 100,000 US dollars. In fact, there are still great opportunities for new sellers.
The first way is this e-book kdp from Amazon. We can log in to Amazon's kdp website and publish an e-book of our own kindle version. The difficulty of this matter is the following four points. The first is the choice of topics, the second is the editing of the book listing, and the third is our promotion strategy after the books are on the shelves. The fourth is the Amazon advertising strategy. In fact, it is the same as the product selection and operation work in our Amazon FBA business. For example, the first point, we can find a general field through some inspiration, and then conduct a survey on the data of existing bookstores in the market, find a differentiated angle that can be cut in, and finally determine the bookstores we wrote. topic. Then this is almost a simplified version of our product selection process. The listing editor also has this promotion strategy after the book is on the shelves, which is actually the promotion strategy after the product is on the shelves. Then there is also the operation method of on-site advertisements, which is basically the same as the FBA model.
The second way is called March on amazon. The simple understanding is that the seller is only responsible for providing design solutions and pricing, and does not need inventory. Other things such as production, printing, packaging, etc. are handed over to Amazon. The final profit earned by the seller is called royalties, and the amount of royalties is related to the selling price of the product. For example, a standard t-shirt like this one that sells for $25.99 would cost $9.77 per piece in royalties. This method is more suitable for some people who want to find some zero-cost investment with a little profit. You are required to have the ability to design. If you do not have the ability to design, if you want to purchase design solutions through a platform like fire, it is best to measure your investment in advance. The range of products that can be designed includes clothing such as T-shirts and pullovers, and has now also expanded to mobile phone cases, pillows, etc.
If you have an advantage in design, you can learn more about the requirements for moving in and uploading design pictures. These operations are relatively simple. The difficulty lies in the design and the ability to output content just mentioned. Although he said that there is no way for him to get a relatively large profit after launching a product to FBA, but relatively speaking, it can be regarded as avoiding risks. In addition, our designs on the Amazon platform can be synchronized to other platforms that provide this print on demand service, expanding the coverage of your original design, thereby obtaining more income possibilities.
The last way is the Amazon affiliate, I believe everyone is already familiar with this, that is, we link products of other Amazon sellers on our own traffic channels. The consumer clicks on this link to jump to the Amazon seller’s product page and completes the purchase, we can get a commission, and the proportion of a single commission will increase with the increase in the total amount of your sales. Here I will share with you an operation idea.
In fact, some channels have appeared on the YouTube agency, and they link to affiliate products by moving TikTok videos that specifically recommend Amazon products, so as to obtain commissions. The registration of TikTok requires an overseas IP proxy. I recommend using s, because it has an overseas exclusive static IP proxy, which can keep our account logged in with the same IP, which is very effective in protecting the account. YiLu Proxy has static and dynamic IP selections from 200 countries and regions around the world. No matter which country you want to register an account with, you can find the IP of the corresponding country on YiLu Proxy. Finally, let’s summarize our recommendation index. For this model like FBA, we still give him a five-star recommendation index. Amazon affiliate can get 3.5 stars, e-book kdp can get three stars.

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