Possible Factors for Amazon Advertising not showing

Mon Feb 13 2023admin
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As an Amazon operator, have you ever encountered a situation where the ads you placed were not showing during the process of placing PPC ads? If you want to sell on Amazon, you must first let consumers see our products. If there is no showing, there is no way to expect effective clicks, and naturally no orders will be generated without clicks. So today I will focus on discussing this issue with you. Then let's sort out the reasons why the listing may not be showed during the advertising process.
The first point is whether the keywords placed have been indexed by Amazon. You can think of Amazon as a search engine, if you want the search engine to push our content to the corresponding consumers. Then the relevant keywords in our product listing must first be included by the algorithm. After being included, we will put the corresponding keywords, and the advertisement will be activated and showed. How to verify whether your listing is related to the selected keywords? One of the simplest and most effective methods is to use the keywords of our products plus Asin and put them in Amazon's product search box to see if the corresponding results can be brought out.
The second point is to check whether the product is still available for sale. Amazon advertising is the default. After the product is out of stock and cannot be sold, the corresponding advertisement will be automatically suspended.
The third point is to see if our products are advertised with a shopping cart. A prerequisite is to have a shopping cart. If you don’t have the right to edit your listing, then you won’t get the chance to advertise, and you won’t get showing. The fourth point is to see if the ad campaign we created is normal, to see if the ad is under review by Amazon or if there is any error in the status of the ad. If an error is reported, it may be that the keyword you selected is a sensitive word or related to contraband.
The fifth point is whether we have given the bid high enough, especially in some categories with relatively fierce competition. The main factor for this showing, apart from relevance, is whether the bid you give for this keyword is high enough. Let the system give you corresponding showing opportunities. This includes both automatic and manual campaigns.
The sixth point is to use the dynamic IPs of various countries in the Yilu proxy to register a batch of temporary buyer numbers, because the overseas dynamic IPs of Yilu proxy are updated every day, and these new IPs can be used as temporary buyer numbers For testing, another advantage of YiLu Proxy is that some dynamic IP proxies can be used for free, so we use the buyer account of each country to test whether the keywords in the country can find our products, if not, then we have to re-post in the advertisement Edit our keywords now.
The last point is whether we are running the same keyword. For the newly added keyword of the same delivery, its priority may not be as high as that of the old one. It is better to have this same keyword with a certain historical delivery record.

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