The Basic Reasons For Amazon Seller Failure

Mon Feb 13 2023admin
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As a cross-border e-commerce practitioner, Amazon is still the best entrepreneurial platform. If we compare Amazon to a large pond, there are traffic and shopping needs in this pond. The pond owner is also willing to help us and serve these fish. All we sellers need to do is weave our own web well. This network is our store, listing and operational capabilities.
The five basic reasons to be mentioned next can also be understood as the five basic pillars of our Amazon business, and they are also the five indispensable factors for us to weave this fishing net. If we can get past them, then at least half the battle for Amazon is done.
The first point is that after the first product fails, it ends in a hurry. According to the experience of friends around you, 80% of Amazon novices’ first products will not be too successful, but the experience brought to you by the first product is far more important than whether the product is successful or not. During the operation of the first product, you will learn where the listing failed, how to advertise with PPC, how to communicate with suppliers, how to avoid logistics pitfalls, and so on. Even how to clear your first product is an indispensable experience in future operations. But many new sellers can't tolerate failure and don't put this experience into the second product. In most cases, your second product will be successful with the blessing of historical experience and operational knowledge. So I suggest to everyone, if you are really determined to start the Amazon business, don’t be overwhelmed by the failure of the first product, sometimes you are really only one attempt away from success.
The second point is that the selection of products is subjective and blind, without looking at the data. Many sellers do not rely on data to support their product selection, and try sub-sites in developed countries on Amazon based on purely personal preferences or their own superior sources of goods. The material supply resources of these developed countries are very sufficient, and they have many channels to choose commodities. Sellers can't just look at the problem from their own perspective, but start from the needs of the target site consumer groups and refine the needs of consumers in order to win sales.
The third point is that the quality of the listing is rough and not optimized. There are many people on YouTube sharing how to tell whether the seller of a product is from China or the United States. They concluded that the listing problems of Chinese sellers are mainly manifested in the ugly main image of the product and obvious grammatical errors. This also shows from the side that most Chinese sellers do not pay attention to the quality of the listing, and are not willing to spend money and energy on product images and listing writing.
The fourth reason is that there is no detailed promotion plan during the new product promotion period. Amazon’s support period for new product listings is usually about one month, which is a very important period. The sales performance of this listing during this period will largely determine the future sales trend. In the new product period, your sales rank is high, and your products will definitely have good sales in the future. Otherwise, you may face the result of clearance. For the traffic support period of new products, most of the current promotion methods of Chinese sellers are relatively simple. In fact, before the product is put on the shelves, in addition to the detailed basic on-site operation plan, you should also master how to create your own traffic pool and the automatic chat robot manage chat feel and other off-site promotion methods. The traffic pool also includes the creation of Facebook agency advertisements and email lists. When building a traffic pool, you must pay attention to the IP problem. Yilu proxy can assist you in completing it. Yilu proxy covers IP pools in more than 200 countries and regions, and can freely combine overseas static IPs and dynamic IPs. In terms of cost performance, Yilu Proxy is also Considering that the free experience for new users and short-term 1-day dynamic IP usage are all good choices.
The last reason is to ignore negative after-sales reviews and let the listing fend for itself. Many new sellers did not actively respond to negative reviews, and the listing was unfortunately wiped out. First of all, when we receive a negative review, we must distinguish whether the negative review is a store feedback or a product review. If it’s just the store’s feedback that mentions bad reviews about the product, we can directly ask Amazon to delete the review. If it is a review, we need to pay more energy to operate it, actively contact the customer through various methods, and strive to delete or change the negative review.

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