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This article continues to share with you about Amazon advertising. Today we will mainly learn how to set up our advertising structure during the new product promotion period. In fact, many novice sellers will struggle with whether I should start advertising immediately when launching new products. Of course, we have also heard that it is recommended to wait until the listing has some reviews before advertising. In fact, Amazon Advertising was very helpful in confirming the relevance of listing and increasing the weight of target keywords when the product was launched in the early stage.
Reasonably setting the advertising form of the new product period is an important beginning for new products to obtain traffic through advertising. Therefore, it is recommended that you must open advertisements during the new product period. So let's share how to set up a more reasonable advertising structure during this new product promotion period. Let me sort out and emphasize the overall idea of advertising with you, mainly in three points.
The first point is that the listing of good keywords is the carrier of good products. It is an initial policy to choose long-tail words with relatively less intense competition in this category to be launched first. The second point is that with the accumulation of reviews, the sales of our products will have a spiral upward trend during the new product traffic support period. If sales decline in certain days, we can use our buyer number to place an order to stabilize this data. I still recommend everyone to use Yilu proxy for cultivating buyer accounts, because the static IPs of various countries in YiLuproxy are very stable, so it will save you a lot of worry about maintaining accounts. It is also very convenient to increase the number of buyer accounts, choose from YiLu Proxy The latest static IP proxy segment is fine. If we need a temporary buyer account to collect data, there is also a free dynamic IP in YiLu proxy that can be used for a limited time, which is also a major advantage. The last point is that we start bidding for hot words with more orders in this category, and then To get sales h and more reviews. In general, in the initial stage of new product promotion, advertising can be divided into two stages and three forms. The first stage is 1 to 3 days after the product is on the shelves. The purpose of the advertisement at this time is to enhance the relevance of the advertisement. Before advertising, we need to confirm two points. The first point is whether our own product classification is correct and close.
The second point is how our own listing keywords are arranged, whether they are accurate or not. And have these keyword parts in the background, such as search term and subject matter, been filled in properly? After completing these two key points, start placing advertisements or keyword advertisements on the products of the top sellers in the target category.
The third point is that we look for competitors weaker than our products from the following three aspects, so as to grab its traffic. The first is to pick out competitors with weaker listing scores than us. In the second aspect, we can choose the listing of competing products with a lower review score than ours. In the third aspect, for combined packaging products, we can pick out products with better packaging and product quantities than this competitor at the same price. to serve. The specific operation method is to find the specific A sin, then copy it and put it into the product launch.
In the same way, we place a keyword on big words in this category, such as BBQ gloves. Let's create two new campaigns to serve our ads. The relevant operations in the first three days can teach Amazon advertising crawlers what our products are and which search terms are relevant.
After we have completed the above steps, we will officially start our advertising. There are mainly three types of advertising campaigns created here, automatic advertising, manual broad advertising, and manual precision.
First, let's talk about automatic advertising. The main purpose of automatic advertising is to use long-tail words to increase exposure and increase the relevance of listings and related keywords. Let Amazon's crawlers include our listing keywords as soon as possible. After the automatic advertisement runs for a period of time, we also need to download the advertising report in time to pick out more suitable keywords, and at the same time deny those very irrelevant keywords. What should be noted here is that during the new product traffic support period, a single campaign budget must be given. If you are promoting multiple products at the same time, be careful to open a separate advertising campaign for each product. Do not bid on placement for your ad initially. In addition, we'd better set a target a cos such as 35%. After the advertisement has been continuously optimized for a period of time, if the target a cos is still not achieved, we can also turn off the automatic advertisement at this time.
The second form of advertising is manual extensive advertising. You can put words that appear more frequently in the category into manual advertising campaigns, or you can use the tool helium 10 to filter out high-frequency words in your category.
The third is manual precise matching of keywords. After we have determined the 3 to 5 relatively relevant long-tail keywords that we focused on in the early stage, we can start the advertising campaign in the form of manual precise matching. Try to place orders under these words as soon as possible, and then get the weight of these long-tail words as soon as possible.
Finally, I would like to share with you some other considerations.
The first thing to note is that for big words with an average monthly search volume of more than 1,000, we launch a separate advertising campaign for each word, and do not put words with different search popularity together. For example, let's put grow gloves and BBQ gloves together. Then it is very likely that the word grow gloves eats up most of the budget in this advertising campaign, so that the BBQ gloves cannot be displayed and effective billing data cannot be obtained.
The second important point to pay attention to is to put words with similar monthly search volume into one advertising campaign. For example, put those with an average monthly search volume of about 500 into one group, and put those with an average monthly search volume of 1,000 into one group.The last point to note is that each group of words should not exceed 5, so as not to make Amazon unable to start with too many keywords, and the placement is not focused.

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