Chrome/Edge/Firefox Browser Proxy Setting In Yilu Proxy

Wed Aug 24 2022admin

--also available to Opera and other browsers.

chrome proxy firefox edge safari setting

There are lots of use cases that can use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Opera browser to browse websites from different IP addresses for SEO Monitoring, Data Analysis, and other purposes.

Now, this article shows you how to set YiLu proxy with popular Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers in the following steps.

1. Download Yilu Proxy and install it on your device desk from offical

2. Drag Chrome/Firefox/Edge browser into Yilu Proxy Program.

Drag Browsers Into YiLu Proxy Program
Browsers in YiLu Proixy Program

3. Get the right setting in Yilu Proxy.

A. Select [Yilu Portable Proxy Engine] as Proxy Engine Settings.

B. Choose [Only “Proxy” The Applications in YiLu “Program” tab, the others go through your local network.]

C. Use [Block UDP non-DNS request data].

Only Proxy Applications in YiLu Program

4. Get the right IP for your Local Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and others.

A. Sharing Static IP:

Step 1: Choose IP you want in “Shared Static IP”, and click “connect”.

Connect a Shared Static IP

Step2: Wait until the light turns Green, which means IP is available. And Proxy IP appeared in the Proxy Info.

Connect a Proxy IP Successfully

Steps3: Click the local browser: Chrome, Firefox, or Edge In the [Program] to run it on your PC or other devices.

Run Chrome Edge Firefox browsers

5. Check the IP address that is located in the United States.

Search Using YiLu Proxy IP

6. Setting of [Dedicated Static IP] and [Rotating Residential IP] is the same as before, which is very easy.


Chrome proxy setting, Firefox proxy setting, or other browser proxy setting is quite easy to use in Yilu Proxy. It is efficient for new users and beginners to get static proxies and dynamic residential proxies easily in only 3 steps.

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