LAN Port Forwarding

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LAN port forwarding means that the software that uses the port connection and the Yilu Proxy software are not at the same device, such as on another computer, mobile phone or tablet devices. However, the premise is that the two software must be in the same local area network, that is, in the same WIFI network under the same router.

At present, all static or dynamic proxy IPs in Yilu support port forwarding in the LAN.
Note: When using port forwarding, the Yilu proxy client cannot be closed, must be kept in a normally running status.

LAN Port Forwarding:
Before using the local port forwarding in the LAN, you must first change the IP address to: or Local Area Network IP.
The setting is similar as Local Ports Forwarding.
A. Single Port Forwarding: Random and Customize are also available.
B. Multi-ports Forwarding: Type the port number you want to forward, such as 5500 to 5580, means 81 ports.

Local LAN IP Setting in Yilu Proxy

One. Single Port Forwarding.

1. Configuration for other software on the devices in the same LAN. (it have to support HTTP and Socks5 Protocol)

2. Type LAN IP: and single port: 1070 in the software on the other device.

LAN Single Port Forwarding Setting with software

Note: Single Port Forwarding only be available for one software at the same time, more will be failed.

Second. Multi-Port Forwarding.
Point: use port forwarding tool or antidetect browser to forward different Proxy IPs under different Ports.
Setting Details are listed as following screenshot:

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