Local Port Forwarding

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The conception

Local Port Forwarding is a general type of port forwarding, always used in online business. It is used to let a user connect from the local computer to another server.
By using Local Port Forwarding, firewalls that block certain web pages are able to be bypassed.
In local port forwarding, Yilu proxy and the software have to installed at the same PC.
Now all the static,and rotating proxies in Yilu Proxy support local port forwarding, and please keep Yilu proxy is running while using the Local port forwarding.

Local Port Forwarding divide into Single Port Forwarding and Multi-Ports Forwarding.
Setting details in Yilu listed as follow:
Before using local port forwarding, you need to change [Bind Address] to be 127.0.01 or (For details please view Bind Address).
A. Single Port Forwarding: you can select [Random] to get Port in random, or, select [customize] and type 1080 as single port: 1080.
B. Multi-Port Forwarding: Type port number from 5500 to 5580 if you want to forward 80 ports.

yilu proxy setting for port forwarding

Local Single Port Forwarding
It is used for local software or global mode.

1. Local Software Use Condition: the software have to support HTTP or Socks5 Proxy Protocol.

2. Configuration Method on Static and Rotating Proxies listed as following screenshot:

local single port setting in yilu proxy

3. Click Global Mode Setting to view details.

Note: 1 port can not used for 2 softwares at the same time. Sometimes this issue appeared in our users’ cases.

Local Multi-ports Forwarding
Conception: Assign each Yilu proxy IP to a different port. The IPs under the same computer can be assigned to different operation environments by using the port distribution tool and an anti fingerprint browser on the local device.
Keypoint: it is to use the port to distribute and connect IP. Yilu assigns its IPs to the corresponding ports, and this port can be used by other devices or software to connect the corresponding IPs with its special operation environments and run their business online easily.
The steps listed as following screenshot:

local multi port forwarding in yilu proxy
Port Forwarding List Checking in Yilu proxy

The best examples can involves in anti detect browser software, its core function is: emulating creating multiple virtual browsers, it can assign each IP to each virtual browser and get different operation environment. For details can view: antidetect browser.

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