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yilu proxy setting
yilu proxy setting

Download and Install Yilu From Yilu Official Site, then please get a right setting on the yilu software as above screenshot:

1.Proxy Port
A custom port for configuration of local proxy, used for local software and global proxy.

2.Port Forward
You can use Multiple ports to configure different computers, mobile phones, simulator and fingerprint browsers.

3.Using Proxy IP more than 24 hours.
If you pay for static proxy, auto renewal is convenient when time is up. If you select disconnection, you have to charge manually next time.

4.Proxy Server IP Address Ports address
To configure different bind addresses based on different occasions. It is only feasible as port forwarding. You can ignore this setting if you copy the proxy IP information.
A. If the software needed proxy IP and Yilu proxy are on the same computer, select this address, especially operation on a virtual device or VPS.
B. If the two softwares are running on the same LAN(local area network), select this address. And you must write all computer’s local IP addresses of Yilu proxy on the targeted software.
C. LAN IP: Only used for devices of selected LAN IP. For example, if you select, it is only used for devices with

5.API port and API adder
Check [API Adder] for details.

6.Yilu Portable Proxy Engine.
A. Proxy the entire system with all applications network connections: that is global proxy mode
B. Only ‘Proxy’ the applications in Yilu ‘Program’ tab, the others go through your local network: LAN and China mainland IPs are excluded
C. Only ‘Proxy’ the applications in Yilu ‘Program’ tab, block others for internet connection: global proxy
D. Block UDP non DNS request data: just tick it because it prevents browser from leaking real IP

7. Other Proxy Tools
Fingerprint or other softwares with prevention from real IP exposure had better tick it.
8. Save
Don’t forget to [save] all above settings.

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