How to use YiLu Proxy in Google Chrome browser?

Mon Aug 15 2022admin
  1. Select [Only "Proxy" the applications YiLu "Program" tab, the others go through your local network] in YiLu Proxy "Settings" tab
Proxy applications in YiLu Program
  1. Drag Google Chrome browser to "Program" tab of YiLu Proxy
Drag Chrome into YiLu Proxy Program

Connect a sharing or dedicated static IP by right-clicking and connecting or double-clicking the IP.

Connect a static IP

Then you can see the proxy information on the top left and the green point means the proxy IP connected successfully, and you can click it to disconnect the proxy IP.

Connect YiLu proxy IP successfully

Then double-click Chrome.exe icon in the "Program" tab to run it.

Run Chrome Browser

And you can check the IP on, which is the IP connected in YiLu Proxy.

Check IP address

Connect a rotating residential IP or datacenter IP: select country, state, and city( datacenter IP can't target state or city), then click "Refresh"

Select a rotating residential IP or datacenter IP

Double-click an IP and connect

Connect a rotating residential IP or datacenter IP

Then you can check the IP on, which is the rotating residential IP connected in YiLu Socks5 Proxy.

Check Proxy IP address

You can detect the connected IP in YiLu Proxy, right-click the connected IP and detect.

Detect real connected rotating IP

Then you can see the real connected IP.

View real connected Proxy IP
  1. Select ["Proxy" the entire system with all applications network conections], you don't need to drag chrome.exe to "Program" tab, and you can run Chrome browser diretly. The method to connect various types IPs is the same as above.
Global Proxy Network Setting
Run Chrome Browser

If you want to run other applications with the proxy network, such as FireFox, Microsoft Edge browsers, and so on, you can also use the above methods.

The following video tutorial can show you details:

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