Yilu Proxy Use Tutorial

Thu Jul 14 2022admin

Please download YiLu Proxy software firstly, then unzip it, and run the main program of the YiLu proxy.

yilu proxy rar
download yilu proxy exe
yilus5 download folder structure

After running the client, you can select the software display language in the lower right corner of the software, fill in your account and password, and log in.

signin yilu proxy
yilu login

If you haven't registered an account yet, please "register an account" first. If you don't have an invitation code, you can leave it blank or ignore it for it is optional.

create account in yilu proxy
registration in yilu proxy

After the login is successful, add a program that requires a proxy, such as chrome browser and Firefox.

yilu proxy connection status
main interface

After logging in successfully, you can see the IP list of YiLu proxy. The IPs in the proxy list belong to shared proxies.

yilu proxy ip list
proxy list interface

In the proxy list, select the proxy IP you like to assign, right-click to see the basic functions. If you use "Forward Port to Proxy", just select the corresponding port, and you can see the IPs of all current forwarding ports in the "Port Forwarding List" at the upper right of the software.

port forward in yilu proxy
assign the ip and ports

YiLu proxy also has dedicated proxies. In the dedicated proxy list, you can purchase dedicated IP, then can only be used by yourself.

buy dedicated proxies steps
dedicated ip

In the YiLu proxy settings, just customize the proxy IP port, and you can use multiple ports at the same time. If you need to use multiple ports at the same time, set the port range in the forwarding port settings.

yilu proxy setting steps
proxy and port range settings

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