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First of all, because Facebook is an American social platform, due to restrictions, we must use socks5 nodes and residential IPs of Yilu proxy to register and log in to Facebook. Overseas residential IPs can maintain our IP segment stably and will not be abnormal due to IP And being banned can also cultivate the weight of the account.
Below are the details of each account principal. It is free to open a personal account. It is recommended that one person only open one real and active account, which can create main business, manage multiple main business. Personal account is the basis of Facebook's operation, and it is necessary to ensure the security and stability of the account. The personal homepage represents your individual, your own story, and can share content, such as hobbies, photos, and hometowns, to who your personal information shared with. The profile contains a timeline section where you can view and tag your posts, and tagging settings allow you to manage tags and audit who can add and view content on it. Public Main Business is the place for brands, businesses, organizations, and public figures to build a presence on Facebook. And the personal homepage represents an individual and any Facebook user can create a business or help manage a business. The latter presupposes that the user has been granted a Page user role such as admin or editor. Users who like the page and their friends can see the latest developments of the page in the news feed.
Business Pages need to be aware of the Facebook Pages terms to comply with Facebook policies. The commercial advertising account is mainly used for advertising deductions. Since April 2017, Facebook has strictly prohibited mainland users from using personal accounts to place advertisements, and required them to use commercial advertising accounts to place advertisements. They are opened through agents or by themselves. A company can currently open two commercial accounts. Note that commercial advertising accounts cannot be logged in like personal accounts, but are managed through the business management platform.
The business management platform can be opened and registered for free, and can be managed in the advertising accounts for the main business. It can facilitate merchants to efficiently manage the access rights of main business advertising accounts, product catalogs and other assets. That is also opened with the personal account of the operator, are ideal for merchants to assign different identities and permissions to many business workers.

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