How to Get Facebook Algorithm and Application

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facebook algorithm
First of all, because Facebook is an American social platform, due to its restrictions, we must use socks5 nodes and residential IPs of Yilu proxy to register and log in to Facebook. Overseas residential IPs can maintain our IP segment stably and will not be abnormal due to IP And being banned can also cultivate the weight of the account.
Algorithms are like the rules of a game. Only when we understand the rules can we play games well; similarly, only when we understand the algorithms can we better formulate strategies based on the algorithms and achieve the best results. Many times, we find that marketers spend too much energy on learning skills and neglect to master the algorithm. This will easily lead to the overall or key grasp, and ultimately fail to achieve good marketing results.
How to Get Facebook marketplace algorithm?
Facebook's algorithm is called Edge Rank. Facebook uses a set of complex algorithm elements (Facebook officials say that there are hundreds of thousands of elements that affect Facebook's information ranking) to rank all information streams, allowing users to see what they want to see. , the content of concern.
Among all the ranking elements, the three elements of Edge Rank——Affinity, Weight, and Time Decay—are undoubtedly the most important, and also the easiest to understand and use.
Remarks: For each message, Facebook will calculate the corresponding Edge Value based on each element, and finally calculate the total Edge Value by weighting, so as to determine the ranking of a message on the receiver's page. In this regard, it is very similar to the concept of Google ranking. Google also calculates the comprehensive weighted score of more than 200 elements included in the algorithm, so as to rank different web pages under keyword search.
Attachment: Facebook announced in 2015 that it no longer uses Edge Rank as the basis for information ranking, but if Google claims that PR is invalid but SEO cannot ignore PR, the results of our practice show that the element of Edge Rank is still an important element of information ranking.
Let's take a foreign trade company using Facebook to market products as an example to illustrate how to improve the marketing effect of Facebook corporate pages based on the three important elements of Facebook Edge Rank.
For a corporate page, the Edge Value of updating a photo itself is higher (Facebook believes that people prefer to look at photos than text), and photos are less affected by Affinity (the degree of intimacy between the page and fans), but for Weight (The popularity of the photo after it was posted) and Time Decay (the timeliness of the picture) have a greater impact.
For an update, the user's feedback within a period of time (reportedly one hour) - likes, shares, and comments - will greatly affect the ranking of the next fan page after the update, specifically sharing and leaving comments The proportion of likes far exceeds that of likes, and the proportion of comments is the highest. The sharing and comments of fans, intimacy, popularity and time decay will also have varying degrees of impact on Edge Value.
From the above analysis, we can see that for a Facebook enterprise page, the key is to maintain a higher coverage of information, increase user participation and obtain a higher Edge Value, thereby increasing the ranking of information among users. Therefore, the corresponding enterprise content selection, text, and timeliness must be able to attract users, and some techniques (such as tag related users, select peak time releases) should be added to promote active participation of users, thereby improving the ranking of information among users to obtain higher population coverage.

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